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Gerek, O.N.[Omer N.] Co Author Listing * 2-D Orientation-Adaptive Prediction Filter in Lifting Structures for Image Coding, A
* 2D representation for analysis and coding of power quality events, A
* Adaptive Polyphase Subband Decomposition Structures for Image Compression
* Block wavelet transforms for image coding
* CVABS: moving object segmentation with common vector approach for videos
* Edge-Sensing Predictor in Wavelet Lifting Structures for Lossless Image Coding, An
* Image coding with wavelet representations, edge information and visual masking
* Image Denoising Using Adaptive Subband Decomposition
* Lossless image compression by LMS adaptive filter banks
* Low-Computational Approach on Gaze Estimation With Eye Touch System, A
* morphological subband decomposition structure using GF(N) arithmetic, A
* Motion-compensated prediction based algorithm for medical image sequence compression
* Semi-supervised robust deep neural networks for multi-label image classification
* Subband coding of binary textual images for document retrieval
* Subband Domain Coding of Binary Textual Images for Document Archiving
Includes: Gerek, O.N.[Omer N.] Gerek, Í.N.[Ímer N.] Gerek, O.N. Gerek, Í.N.[Ímer Nezih] Gerek, O.N.[Omer Nezih]
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Gerekos, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * ASI Integrated Sounder-SAR System Operating in the UHF-VHF Bands: First Results of the 2018 Helicopter-Borne Morocco Desert Campaign, The
* Coherent Method for Simulating Active and Passive Radar Sounding of the Jovian Icy Moons, A
* Coherent Multilayer Simulator of Radargrams Acquired by Radar Sounder Instruments, A
* Distributed Radar Sounder: A Novel Concept for Subsurface Investigations Using Sensors in Formation Flight
* Unsupervised Fuzzy System for the Automatic Detection of Candidate Lava Tubes in Radar Sounder Data, An
Includes: Gerekos, C.[Christopher] Gerekos, C.

Gerell, M.[Manne] Co Author Listing * Crime Prevention Based on the Strategic Mapping of Living Conditions

Geremia Nievinski, F. Co Author Listing * Statistical Comparison and Combination of GPS, GLONASS, and Multi-GNSS Multipath Reflectometry Applied to Snow Depth Retrieval
Includes: Geremia Nievinski, F. Geremia-Nievinski, F.

Geremia, E.[Ezequiel] Co Author Listing * Brain Tumor Cell Density Estimation from Multi-modal MR Images Based on a Synthetic Tumor Growth Model
* Generative Probabilistic Model and Discriminative Extensions for Brain Lesion Segmentation: With Application to Tumor and Stroke, A
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The
* Tumor growth parameters estimation and source localization from a unique time point: Application to low-grade gliomas
Includes: Geremia, E.[Ezequiel] Geremia, E.

Gerendas, B.S. Co Author Listing * On Orthogonal Projections for Dimension Reduction and Applications in Augmented Target Loss Functions for Learning Problems
* Predicting Macular Edema Recurrence from Spatio-Temporal Signatures in Optical Coherence Tomography Images
* RETOUCH: The Retinal OCT Fluid Detection and Segmentation Benchmark and Challenge
* Unsupervised Identification of Disease Marker Candidates in Retinal OCT Imaging Data

Gerente, J.[Jessica] Co Author Listing * Canopy Height Mapping by Sentinel 1 and 2 Satellite Images, Airborne LiDAR Data, and Machine Learning
Includes: Gerente, J.[Jessica] Gerente, J.[JÚssica]

Gerenton, P. Co Author Listing * Automating the Measurement of Red Coral in Situ Using Underwater Photogrammetry and Coded Targets

Gerevini, A.[Alfonso] Co Author Listing * Combining topological and size information for spatial reasoning

Gerevini, A.E.[Alfonso E.] Co Author Listing * Length of Stay Prediction for Northern Italy Covid-19 Patients Based on Lab Tests and X-ray Data

Gerevini, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * novel PCA-based approach for building on-board sensor classifiers for water contaminant detection, A

Gerez, S.H.[Sabih H.] Co Author Listing * Elastic minutiae matching by means of thin-plate spline models
* Fingerprint matching by thin-plate spline modelling of elastic deformations
* Intrinsic Coordinate System for Fingerprint Matching, An
* Systematic Methods for the Computation of the Directional Fields and Singular Points of Fingerprints

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