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Fung, A.[Angus] Co Author Listing * Robots Understanding Contextual Information in Human-Centered Environments Using Weakly Supervised Mask Data Distillation

Fung, B.C.M. Co Author Listing * Learning Stylometric Representations for Authorship Analysis
* Study of Children Facial Recognition for Privacy in Smart TV, A
Includes: Fung, B.C.M. Fung, B.C.M.[Benjamin C. M.]

Fung, C.C.[Chun Che] Co Author Listing * Text Line Extraction Using Adaptive Partial Projection for Palm Leaf Manuscripts from Thailand

Fung, C.H.[Che Heng] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion for Satellite Images Using Hopfield Neural Network

Fung, G.[Glenn] Co Author Listing * Efficient Relative Attribute Learning Using Graph Neural Networks
* Ordinal Regression Using Noisy Pairwise Comparisons for Body Mass Index Range Estimation
* Structure learning in random fields for heart motion abnormality detection
Includes: Fung, G.[Glenn] Fung, G.

Fung, G.S.K. Co Author Listing * Application of the 4-D XCAT Phantoms in Biomedical Imaging and Beyond
* Color image denoising with wavelet thresholding based on human visual system model
* Effective moving cast shadow detection for monocular color image sequences
Includes: Fung, G.S.K. Fung, G.S.K.[George S.K.]

Fung, H.K.[Hung Kwan] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Night Vision System for Automobiles, An
Includes: Fung, H.K.[Hung Kwan] Fung, H.K.[Hung-Kwan]

Fung, H.T. Co Author Listing * Efficient Transmission of Half-Tones via Facsimile

Fung, I. Co Author Listing * Maximum-Likelihood Multiresolution Laser-Radar Range Imaging

Fung, J. Co Author Listing * parallel mediated reality platform, A
* Using multiple graphics cards as a general purpose parallel computer: applications to computer vision

Fung, J.C.[Jennifer Carol] Co Author Listing * Efficient unsupervised learning of biological images with compressed deep features
* Unsupervised Learning Approach to Resolve Phenotype to Genotype Mapping in Budding Yeasts Vacuoles, An

Fung, J.C.H.[Jimmy C. H.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Effect of Targeting Reduction of PM2.5 Concentration on Human Exposure and Health Burden in Hong Kong Using Satellite Observation
* Decomposing the Long-term Variation in Population Exposure to Outdoor PM2.5 in the Greater Bay Area of China Using Satellite Observations
* Improved Satellite Retrieval of Tropospheric NO2 Column Density via Updating of Air Mass Factor (AMF): Case Study of Southern China
* Review of Progress and Applications of Pulsed Doppler Wind LiDARs, A
Includes: Fung, J.C.H.[Jimmy C. H.] Fung, J.C.H.[Jimmy Chi Hung]

Fung, K.[Ko] Co Author Listing * Contribution of the fractal dimension to multiscale adaptive filtering of SAR imagery

Fung, K.B.[Ko B.] Co Author Listing * Method Based on Local Variance for Quality Assessment of Multiresolution Image Fusion, A

Fung, K.S.M.[Kenneth S. M.] Co Author Listing * Bit-pairing Codification for Binary Pattern Projection System
* EC-EGI: enriched complex EGI for 3D shape registration
* Optimization Of Bit-pairing Codification With Learning For 3d Reconstruction
* Reference-free Machine Vision Inspection Of Semiconductor Die Images
Includes: Fung, K.S.M.[Kenneth S. M.] Fung, K.S.M.[Kenneth S.M.]

Fung, K.T.[Kai Tat] Co Author Listing * compressed-domain heterogeneous video transcoder, A
* Conversion Between DCT Coefficients and it Coefficients in the Compressed Domain for H.263 to H.264 Video Transcoding
* DCT-Based Video Downscaling Transcoder Using Split and Merge Technique
* Dynamic Frame Skipping for High-performance Transcoding
* New architecture for dynamic frame-skipping transcoder
* New DCT-domain transcoding using split and merge technique
* On re-composition of motion compensated macroblocks for DCT-based video transcoding
* On Transcoding a B-Frame to a P-Frame in the Compressed Domain
Includes: Fung, K.T.[Kai Tat] Fung, K.T.[Kai-Tat]
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Fung, L.W. Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Syntactic Decoding
* Stochastic Syntactic Decoding for Pattern Classification

Fung, P. Co Author Listing * Efficient Sparse Banded Acoustic Models for Speech Recognition
* Method and apparatus for fast motion estimation in video coding
Includes: Fung, P. Fung, P.[Patrick]

Fung, P.F.[Pina Fu] Co Author Listing * Randomized Generalized Hough Transform for 2-D Grayscale Object Detection
Includes: Fung, P.F.[Pina Fu] Fung, P.F.[Pina-Fu]

Fung, R. Co Author Listing * Target Identification with Bayesian Networks in a Multiple Hypothesis Tracking System

Fung, S.F.[Sai Fu] Co Author Listing * Clustering social audiences in business information networks
Includes: Fung, S.F.[Sai Fu] Fung, S.F.[Sai-Fu]

Fung, S.H.[Steve H.] Co Author Listing * Anatomy-Regularized Representation Learning for Cross-Modality Medical Image Segmentation
* Dual Adversarial Attention Mechanism for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Medical Image Segmentation
* One-Shot Generative Adversarial Learning for MRI Segmentation of Craniomaxillofacial Bony Structures
Includes: Fung, S.H.[Steve H.] Fung, S.H.

Fung, S.M.[Shun Ming] Co Author Listing * Novel Binarization System for Degraded Document Images, A
Includes: Fung, S.M.[Shun Ming] Fung, S.M.[Shun-Ming]

Fung, S.W.[Samy Wu] Co Author Listing * Multigrid Optimization for Large-Scale Ptychographic Phase Retrieval

Fung, T.[Tung] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Active LiDAR Data and Passive Optical Imagery for Double-Layered Mangrove Leaf Area Index Estimation: A Case Study in Mai Po, Hong Kong
* Bayesian Data Fusion Approach to Spatio-Temporal Fusion of Remotely Sensed Images, A
* Classification of Mangrove Species Using Combined WordView-3 and LiDAR Data in Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hong Kong
* Compression of a Sequence of Satellite Images Based on Change Detection, The
* Continuous Multi-Angle Remote Sensing and Its Application in Urban Land Cover Classification
* determination of optimal thresholds for change detection using various accuracy indices, The
* Improving geodesic distance estimation based on locally linear assumption
* Investigation of Local Effects on Surface Warming with Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR), An
* Multi-Stage Approach Combining Very High-Resolution Satellite Image, GIS Database and Post-Classification Modification Rules for Habitat Mapping in Hong Kong, A
* Sparsity-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion via Adaptive Multi-Band Constraints
* Unmixing-Based Bayesian Model for Spatio-Temporal Satellite Image Fusion in Heterogeneous Landscapes, An
Includes: Fung, T.[Tung] Fung, T.
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Fung, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * On the Quantification of Image Reconstruction Uncertainty without Training Data

Fung, Y.C.[Yao Chun] Co Author Listing * Low complexity lossless video compression
Includes: Fung, Y.C.[Yao Chun] Fung, Y.C.[Yao-Chun]

Fung, Y.F.[Yiu Fai] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Modeling from Perspective-Views and Contour-Based Generic-Model
* Coordinated Road-Junction Traffic Control by Dynamic Programming
Includes: Fung, Y.F.[Yiu Fai] Fung, Y.F.[Yiu-Fai] Fung, Y.F.

Fung, Y.H.[Yik Hing] Co Author Listing * Edge preserving multiscale error diffusion algorithm for green noise digital halftoning
* Embedding halftones of different resolutions in a full-scale halftone
* Green Noise Digital Halftoning With Multiscale Error Diffusion
* iterative algorithm for restoring color-quantized images, An
* Optimizing the Error Diffusion Filter for Blue Noise Halftoning With Multiscale Error Diffusion
* POCS-based algorithm for restoring colour-quantised images
* POCS-Based Restoration Algorithm for Restoring Halftoned Color-Quantized Images, A
* Restoration of halftoned color-quantized images using projection onto convex sets
* simulated annealing restoration algorithm for restoring halftoned color-quantized images, A
* Technique for Producing Scalable Color-Quantized Images With Error Diffusion, A
Includes: Fung, Y.H.[Yik Hing] Fung, Y.H.[Yik-Hing] Fung, Y.H.
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Fung, Y.M. Co Author Listing * Machine Recognition of the Cantonese Digits Using Bandpass Filters

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