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Esfahani, M.A.[Mahdi Abolfazli] Co Author Listing * Achieving Real-Time Path Planning in Unknown Environments Through Deep Neural Networks
* DeepDSAIR: Deep 6-DOF camera relocalization using deblurred semantic-aware image representation for large-scale outdoor environments

Esfahani, M.S.[Mohammad Shahrokh] Co Author Listing * Classifier design given an uncertainty class of feature distributions via regularized maximum likelihood and the incorporation of biological pathway knowledge in steady-state phenotype classification
* Discrete optimal Bayesian classification with error-conditioned sequential sampling

Esfahani, S.S. Co Author Listing * Hemelb Acceleration and Visualization for Cerebral Aneurysms

Esfahanian, A.H.[Abdol Hossein] Co Author Listing * matrix alignment approach for link prediction, A
Includes: Esfahanian, A.H.[Abdol Hossein] Esfahanian, A.H.[Abdol-Hossein]

Esfahlani, S.S.[Shabnam Sadeghi] Co Author Listing * Deep Convolutional Neural Network Role in the Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robots (SROBO), The

Esfandiari, H. Co Author Listing * Fast, Accurate and Easy to Implement Method for Pose Recognition of an Intramedullary Nail using a Tracked C-arm, A

Esfandiari, M.[Morteza] Co Author Listing * Flood Hazard Risk Mapping Using a Pseudo Supervised Random Forest
* Non-Iterative Subspace-Based DOA Estimation in the Presence of Nonuniform Noise
Includes: Esfandiari, M.[Morteza] Esfandiari, M.

Esfandiari, N. Co Author Listing * Body Composition Assessment in Axial CT Images Using FEM-Based Automatic Segmentation of Skeletal Muscle

Esfandiarpoor, R. Co Author Listing * Low Complexity Convolutional Neural Network for Vessel Segmentation in Portable Retinal Diagnostic Devices

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