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Doshi Velez, F. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Nonparametric Methods for Partially-Observable Reinforcement Learning
Includes: Doshi Velez, F. Doshi-Velez, F.

Doshi, A.[Anup] Co Author Listing * Attention estimation by simultaneous observation of viewer and view
* Detecting Vorticity in Optical Flow of Fluids
* Green Fingerprint of Antarctica: Drones, Hyperspectral Imaging, and Machine Learning for Moss and Lichen Classification, A
* Head and gaze dynamics in visual attention and context learning
* Hybrid Cone-Cylinder Codebook Model for Foreground Detection with Shadow and Highlight Suppression
* Modeling and prediction of driver behavior by foot gesture analysis
* Navier-Stokes formulation for modelling turbulent optical flow
* Novel Active Heads-Up Display for Driver Assistance, A
* On the Roles of Eye Gaze and Head Dynamics in Predicting Driver's Intent to Change Lanes
* Optical Flow Diffusion with Robustified Kernels
* Robust Diffusion of Structural Flows for Volumetric Image Interpolation
* Robust Processing of Optical Flow of Fluids
* Satellite imagery based adaptive background models and shadow suppression
* Smoothing of optical flow using robustified diffusion kernels
* Structural flow smoothing for shape interpolation
* Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in Marine Mammal Research, The
Includes: Doshi, A.[Anup] Doshi, A.[Ashish] Doshi, A.[Ashray] Doshi, A.
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Doshi, J. Co Author Listing * Residual Inception Skip Network for Binary Segmentation

Doshi, K.[Keval] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Machine Learning Attacks Against Video Anomaly Detection Systems
* Any-Shot Sequential Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Videos
* Continual Learning for Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Videos
* Dynamic Inference with Grounding Based Vision and Language Models
* Efficient Approach for Anomaly Detection in Traffic Videos, An
* Fast Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Traffic Videos
* Federated Learning-based Driver Activity Recognition for Edge Devices
* Modular and Unified Framework for Detecting and Localizing Video Anomalies, A
* Multi-Task Learning for Video Surveillance with Limited Data
* Online anomaly detection in surveillance videos with asymptotic bound on false alarm rate
* Rethinking Video Anomaly Detection - A Continual Learning Approach
* Towards Interpretable Video Anomaly Detection
* Zero-Shot Action Recognition with Transformer-based Video Semantic Embedding
Includes: Doshi, K.[Keval] Doshi, K.
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Doshi, N.P.[Niraj P.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of HEp-2 Cells Using Multi-dimensional Local Binary Patterns
* comparative analysis of local binary pattern texture classification, A
* comprehensive benchmark of local binary pattern algorithms for texture retrieval, A
* HEp-2 Cell Classification Using Multi-dimensional Local Binary Patterns and Ensemble Classification
* Multi-Dimensional Local Binary Pattern Descriptors for Improved Texture Analysis
* Texture Classification Using Multi-dimensional LBP Variance
Includes: Doshi, N.P.[Niraj P.] Doshi, N.P.

Doshi, R.[Ruhi] Co Author Listing * Transdisciplinary Foundations of Geospatial Data Science

Doshi, S.[Susan] Co Author Listing * Automated Digital Hair Removal by Threshold Decomposition and Morphological Analysis

Doshi, T.[Trushali] Co Author Listing * Novel Decentralised System Architecture for Multi-camera Target Tracking, A

Doshita, S. Co Author Listing * Figuring out Most Plausible Interpretation from Spatial Constraints

Doshkov, D. Co Author Listing * 2D-t autoregressive framework for video texture completion
* automatic Structure-Aware image extrapolation applied to error concealment, An
* Automatic Structure-Aware Inpainting for Complex Image Content
* Depth Image-Based Rendering With Advanced Texture Synthesis for 3-D Video
* Depth image-based rendering with spatio-temporally consistent texture synthesis for 3-D video with global motion
* On the usage of the 2D-AR-model in texture completion scenarios with causal boundary conditions: A tutorial
* Perception-oriented video coding based on image analysis and completion: A review
* Temporally consistent handling of disocclusions with texture synthesis for depth-image-based rendering
Includes: Doshkov, D. Doshkov, D.[Dimitar]
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