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Diep, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Novel Image Descriptor Based on Anisotropic Filtering, A
* Perceptual Color Image Smoothing via a New Region-Based PDE Scheme
* Ridges and Valleys Detection in Images Using Difference of Rotating Half Smoothing Filters
* RSD-HoG: A New Image Descriptor
* Texture Removal Preserving Edges by Diffusion

Diep, G.H.[Gia Han] Co Author Listing * iTASK - Intelligent Traffic Analysis Software Kit
Includes: Diep, G.H.[Gia Han] Diep, G.H.[Gia-Han]

Diep, N.T.H. Co Author Listing * Flood Hazard Mapping At Long Xuyen Quadrangle in 2015 Using Geographic Information and Remote Sensing
* Monitoring Erosion And Accretion Situation in the Coastal Zone At Kien Giang Province

Diep, T.A. Co Author Listing * Arbitrarily Tight Upper and Lower Bounds on the Bayesian Probability of Error
* High-Accuracy Optical Character-Recognition Using Neural Networks with Centroid Dithering
* Lossless acceleration for correlation-based nearest-neighbor pattern recognition
Includes: Diep, T.A. Diep, T.A.[Thanh A.]

Diepeveen, W.[Willem] Co Author Listing * Inexact Semismooth Newton Method on Riemannian Manifolds with Application to Duality-Based Total Variation Denoising, An
* Regularizing Orientation Estimation in Cryogenic Electron Microscopy Three-Dimensional Map Refinement through Measure-Based Lifting over Riemannian Manifolds

Diephuis, M.[Maurits] Co Author Listing * Local Active Content Fingerprint: Solutions for general linear feature maps
* Local active content fingerprinting: Optimal solution under linear modulation
* Physical object identification using micro-structure images

Diepkile, A.T.[Adama Telly] Co Author Listing * Evolution of the Performances of Radar Altimetry Missions from ERS-2 to Sentinel-3A over the Inner Niger Delta
Includes: Diepkile, A.T.[Adama Telly] Diepkilé, A.T.[Adama Telly]

Diepold, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * Analysis Operator Learning and its Application to Image Reconstruction
* Authentication of MPEG-4-based surveillance video
* Automatic Model-Order Selection for PCA
* Best Practices for QoE Crowdtesting: QoE Assessment With Crowdsourcing
* Camera-Pose Estimation via Projective Newton Optimization on the Manifold
* Complexity Constrained Robust Video Transmission for Hand-Held Devices
* Content Adaptive Mesh Representation of Images Using Binary Space Partitions
* Dense disparity maps from sparse disparity measurements
* Depth map compression via compressed sensing
* Diabetes60: Inferring Bread Units From Food Images Using Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
* Dual-Mode Training with Style Control and Quality Enhancement for Road Image Domain Adaptation
* Fast Adaptive Graph-Cuts Based Stereo Matching
* Fast Depth Map Compression and Meshing with Compressed Tritree
* High performance 3D sound localization for surveillance applications
* Human-Drone-Interaction: A Case Study to Investigate the Relation Between Autonomy and User Experience
* Image completion for view synthesis using Markov random fields and efficient belief propagation
* impact of nonlinear filtering and confidence information on optical flow estimation in a Lucas and Kanade framework, The
* Length-independent refinement of video quality metrics based on multiway data analysis
* MPEG-A: Multimedia Application Formats
* No-reference video quality metric for HDTV based on H.264/AVC bitstream features
* Novel Technique to Model the Variation of the Intrinsic Parameters of an Automatic Zoom Camera using Adaptive Delaunay Meshes Over Moving Least-Squares Surfaces, A
* Optimization of video coding for telepresence applications
* Semi-automatic 3D Reconstruction Algorithm for Telepresence, A
* Sparse stereo matching using belief propagation
* Standards: The MPEG Open Access Application Format
* Video is a Cube
Includes: Diepold, K.[Klaus] Diepold, K.
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