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Deus, D. Co Author Listing * Water Balance Modeling in a Semi-Arid Environment with Limited in situ Data Using Remote Sensing in Lake Manyara, East African Rift, Tanzania

Deus, N.[Nico] Co Author Listing * Airborne Electromagnetic, Magnetic, and Radiometric Surveys at the German North Sea Coast Applied to Groundwater and Soil Investigations

Deusch, H. Co Author Listing * Labeled Multi-Bernoulli SLAM Filter, The

Deuschel, J.[Jessica] Co Author Listing * Multi-Prototype Few-shot Learning in Histopathology

Deuser, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Sample4Geo: Hard Negative Sampling For Cross-View Geo-Localisation

Deuser, L.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of acoustic sequences by multiresolution image processing and neural networks

Deussen, D.N.[Daniel N.] Co Author Listing * Robust AMD Stage Grading with Exclusively OCTA Modality Leveraging 3D Volume

Deussen, O. Co Author Listing * Bee pose estimation from single images with convolutional neural network
* Data-Driven Synthesis of Cartoon Faces Using Different Styles
* Enhancing and experiencing spacetime resolution with videos and stills
* Estimating 2D Multi-hand Poses from Single Depth Images
* Exploring the Representativity of Art Paintings
* GenDR: A Generalized Differentiable Renderer
* Interactive tracking of insect posture
* Self-Supervised Feature Augmentation for Large Image Object Detection
* Single-Image Insect Pose Estimation by Graph Based Geometric Models and Random Forests
* Stem cell microscopic image segmentation using supervised normalized cuts
* Study of the Human Comprehension of Building Categories Based on Different 3D Building Representations, A
* Style Agnostic 3D Reconstruction via Adversarial Style Transfer
* Tiled Blue Noise Samples
* Understanding Human Perception Of Building Categories In Virtual 3d Cities - A User Study
Includes: Deussen, O. Deussen, O.[Oliver]
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