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Cygan, S. Co Author Listing * Detailed Evaluation of Five 3D Speckle Tracking Algorithms Using Synthetic Echocardiographic Recordings
* Influence of Polivinylalcohol Cryogel Material Model in FEM Simulations on Deformation of LV Phantom
Includes: Cygan, S. Cygan, S.[Szymon]

Cyganek, B.[Boguslaw] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Window Growing Technique for Efficient Image Matching
* Analysis of the Road Signs Classification Based on the Higher-Order Singular Value Decomposition of the Deformable Pattern Tensors, An
* Comparative Study of Performance and Implementation of Some Area-Based Stereo Algorithms, A
* Comparison of Nonparametric Transformations and Bit Vector Matching for Stereo Correlation
* Computational Framework for Family of Order Statistic Filters for Tensor Valued Data
* Computer Platform for Transformation of Visual Information into Sound Sensations for Vision Impaired Persons
* Deep Neural Image Denoising
* Gradient Based Dense Stereo Matching
* Improved Variogram Analysis of the Maximum Expected Disparity in Stereo Images, An
* Introduction to 3D Computer Vision Techniques and Algorithms, An
* Marine Snow Removal Using a Fully Convolutional 3D Neural Network Combined with an Adaptive Median Filter
* Matching of the Multi-channel Images with Improved Nonparametric Transformations and Weighted Binary Distance Measures
* Object Detection in Multi-channel and Multi-scale Images Based on the Structural Tensor
* Object Recognition with the HOSVD of the Multi-model Space-Variant Pattern Tensors
* One-Class Support Vector Ensembles for Image Segmentation and Classification
* Real-Time Detection of the Triangular and Rectangular Shape Road Signs
* Real-Time Vision System for Traffic Signs Recognition Invariant to Translation, Rotation and Scale, A
* Road Signs Recognition by the Scale-Space Template Matching in the Log-Polar Domain
* Road-Signs Recognition System for Intelligent Vehicles
* Software framework for tensor stream processing on embedded vision platforms
* Tensor Framework for Data Stream Clustering and Compression, A
* Traffic Scene Segmentation and Robust Filtering for Road Signs Recognition
* Weighted One-Class Classifier Ensemble Based on Fuzzy Feature Space Partitioning
Includes: Cyganek, B.[Boguslaw] Cyganek, B.
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Cyganski, D.[David] Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Orientation from Partial Contour Feature Data
* Applications of Tensor Theory to Object Recognition and Orientation Determination
* Determination of 3-D Object Orientation from Projections
* Development, Implementation, Testing, and Application of an Affine Transform Invariant Curvature Function
* Generation of Affine Invariant Local Contour Feature Data
* Linear Signal Decomposition Approach to Affine Invariant Contour Identification, A
* Multivariate Classification through Adaptive Delaunay-Based C-0 Spline Approximation
* Parameterization of Planar Contours for Elliptic Decomposition and Determination of Affine Transforms
Includes: Cyganski, D.[David] Cyganski, D.
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Cyganski, G.L.[Gabriele Leao] Co Author Listing * Global Evapotranspiration Datasets Assessment Using Water Balance in South America
Includes: Cyganski, G.L.[Gabriele Leao] Cyganski, G.L.[Gabriele Lećo]

Cyganski, R.[Rita] Co Author Listing * GIS and Transport Modeling: Strengthening the Spatial Perspective

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