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Croft, B.L.[Bryan L.] Co Author Listing * Command and Control Collaboration Sand Table (C2-CST)

Croft, E.[Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * Charlie Rides the Elevator, Integrating Vision, Navigation and Manipulation towards Multi-floor Robot Locomotion

Croft, E.A. Co Author Listing * Active-vision-based multisensor surveillance: An implementation
* Design and Evaluation of a Touch-Centered Calming Interaction with a Social Robot
* Machine vision system for curved surface inspection
Includes: Croft, E.A. Croft, E.A.[Elizabeth A.]

Croft, H.[Holly] Co Author Listing * Canopy-Level Photochemical Reflectance Index from Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Leaf-Level Non-Photochemical Quenching as Early Indicators of Water Stress in Maize
* Evaluating leaf chlorophyll content prediction from multispectral remote sensing data within a physically-based modelling framework
* Recent Practical Applications of Close-Range Photogrammetry for Complex Motion Study
* Retrieving global leaf chlorophyll content from MERIS data using a neural network method
* Retrieving Leaf Chlorophyll Content by Incorporating Variable Leaf Surface Reflectance in the PROSPECT Model
Includes: Croft, H.[Holly] Croft, H. Croft, H.[Hayden]

Croft, K. Co Author Listing * TES Ground Data System Software

Croft, L.H. Co Author Listing * Subband image coding using watershed and watercourse lines of the wavelet transform

Croft, L.R. Co Author Listing * Magnetic Particle Imaging With Tailored Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Tracers
* Relaxation in X-Space Magnetic Particle Imaging

Croft, W.B. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Information Retrieval Accuracy with Simulated OCR Output, An
* Indexing Handwriting Using Word Matching
* USeg: A Retargetable Word Segmentation Procedure for Information Retrieval
Includes: Croft, W.B. Croft, W.B.[W. Bruce]

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