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Cobzas, D.[Dana] Co Author Listing * 3D SSD Tracking from Uncalibrated Video
* 3D SSD Tracking with Estimated 3D Planes
* 3D Variational Brain Tumor Segmentation using a High Dimensional Feature Set
* Basis constrained 3D scene flow on a dynamic proxy
* Body Composition Assessment in Axial CT Images Using FEM-Based Automatic Segmentation of Skeletal Muscle
* Comparison of Viewing Geometries for Augmented Reality, A
* Depth and Scene Flow from a Single Moving Camera
* Fast FEM-Based Non-Rigid Registration
* Increased discrimination in level set methods with embedded conditional random fields
* Incremental Free-Space Carving for Real-Time 3D Reconstruction
* interactive graph cut method for brain tumor segmentation, An
* Object Centered Stereo: Displacement Map Estimation Using Texture and Shading
* Planar patch extraction with noisy depth data
* Realtime Visualization of Monocular Data for 3D Reconstruction
* Robust SSD tracking with incremental 3D structure estimation
* Significant Anatomy Detection Through Sparse Classification: A Comparative Study
* Stability effects of finite difference methods on a mathematical tumor growth model
* Stacked Multiscale Feature Learning for Domain Independent Medical Image Segmentation
* Tracking and Rendering Using Dynamic Textures on Geometric Structure from Motion
* Tracking human joint motion for turntable-based static model reconstruction
* Variational Shape and Reflectance Estimation Under Changing Light and Viewpoints
* Wavelet-based Light Reconstruction from a Single Image
Includes: Cobzas, D.[Dana] Cobzas, D.
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