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Bozma, H.I. Co Author Listing * Admissibility of Constraint Functions in Relaxation Labeling
* Attention-based video streaming
* Biologically inspired Cartesian and non-Cartesian filters for attentional sequences
* Fovea Based Coding for Video Streaming
* Game-Theoretic Approach to Integration of Modules, A
* Integration of Vision Modules: A Game-Theoretic Framework
* Model-Based Multi Objective Analysis of Ultrasound Image Sequences in Prenatal Diagnosis
* Modular System for Image Analysis Using a Game-Theoretic Framework
* RGB-D based place representation in topological maps
* Video Summarization via Segments Summary Graphs
Includes: Bozma, H.I. Bozma, H.I.[H. Isil]
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Bozma, O. Co Author Listing * Building a Sonar Map in a Specular Environment Using a Single Mobile Sensor
* Physical Model-Based Analysis of Heterogeneous Environments Using Sonar: Endura Method, A

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