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Bers, D.M.[Donald M.] Co Author Listing * Computer Simulation of Altered Sodium Channel Gating in Rabbit and Human Ventricular Myocytes

Bers, K.H. Co Author Listing * automatic measurement device for the evaluation of the print quality of printed characters, An
* Object Detection in Image Sequences

Bersan, D.[Danilo] Co Author Listing * Assessing Earthquake-Induced Urban Rubble by Means of Multiplatform Remotely Sensed Data

Bersani, D.[Danilo] Co Author Listing * Raman Spectroscopy from Laboratory and Proximal to Remote Sensing: A Tool for the Volcanological Sciences

Bersani, M.M.[Marcello M.] Co Author Listing * On Some Classes of 2D Languages and Their Relations

Berseth, M. Co Author Listing * Standardized Assessment of Automatic Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities and Results of the WMH Segmentation Challenge

Bershad, N.J.[Neil J.] Co Author Listing * Stochastic analysis of the least mean fourth algorithm for non-stationary white Gaussian inputs

Bersi, M.R. Co Author Listing * Multi-Modality Imaging Enables Detailed Hemodynamic Simulations in Dissecting Aneurysms in Mice

Bersini, H.[Hugues] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised classification and betweenness computation on large, sparse, directed graphs

Berson, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Symbolic Signatures for Deformable Shapes

Berssenbrugge, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Interactive VR-based Visualization for Material Flow Simulations
* Light Simulation in a Distributed Driving Simulator
Includes: Berssenbrugge, J.[Jan] Berssenbrügge, J.[Jan] (Maybe also Berssenbruegge, J.)

Bersvendsen, J. Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation of the Right Ventricle in 3D Echocardiography: A Kalman Filter State Estimation Approach
* Detection of Regional Mechanical Activation of the Left Ventricular Myocardium Using High Frame Rate Ultrasound Imaging

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