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Benrachou, D.E.[Djamel Eddine] Co Author Listing * Automatic Eye Localization; Multi-block LBP vs. Pyramidal LBP Three-Levels Image Decomposition for Eye Visual Appearance Description
* Use of Social Interaction and Intention to Improve Motion Prediction Within Automated Vehicle Framework: A Review

Benrais, L.[Lamine] Co Author Listing * Towards an accurate and fast computation of discrete Tchebychev moments for binary and grey-level images

Benrejeb, M. Co Author Listing * Observer based discrete-time chaotic systems synchronization for secure image transmission

Benrhaiem, R.[Rania] Co Author Listing * Achieving invariance to the temporal offset of unsynchronized cameras through epipolar point-line triangulation
* Real-time software synchronisation of webcams for live 3D tracking

Benrhaiem, W. Co Author Listing * Reliable Emergency Message Dissemination Scheme for Urban Vehicular Networks

Benrhouma, O.[Oussama] Co Author Listing * Cryptanalysis of a video encryption method based on mixing and permutation operations in the DCT domain

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