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Arnspang, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Arnspang, J.[Jens]: arnspang AT diku dk
* Concept of Virtual Motion in Vision Calculus, The
* Coordinate-free camera calibration
* Direct determination of a non-accelerating greylevel scene
* Direct Determination of the Orientation of a Translating 3D Straight Line
* Estimating time to contact with curves, avoiding calibration and aperture problem
* Fundamentals of Texture Flow Equations in Vision Calculus
* Image Irradiance Equations for a Zooming Camera
* Mirror-based Trinocular Systems in Robot-vision
* Motion Constraint Equations Based on Constant Image Irradiance
* On the Use of the Horizon of a Translating Planar Curve
* On The Use of Time Varying Shading and Surface Rim Irradiance
* Optic Acceleration
* Relating Scene Depth to Image Ratios
* Using mirror cameras for estimating depth
Includes: Arnspang, J.[Jens] Arnspang, J.
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