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Anquetil, E. Co Author Listing * 3D Multistroke Mapping (3DMM): Transfer of Hand-Drawn Pattern Representation for Skeleton-Based Gesture Recognition
* Competitive Hybrid Exploration for Off-Line Sketches Structure Recognition
* CuDi3D: Curvilinear displacement based approach for online 3D action detection
* Drift anticipation with forgetting to improve evolving fuzzy system
* Dynamic hand gesture recognition based on 3D pattern assembled trajectories
* Eager interpretation of on-line hand-drawn structured documents: The DALI methodology
* Early Recognition of Untrimmed Handwritten Gestures with Spatio-Temporal 3D CNN
* Error handling approach using characterization and correction steps for handwritten document analysis
* Evaluation of children cursive handwritten words for e-education
* Evolving Fuzzy Classifiers: Application to Incremental Learning of Handwritten Gesture Recognition Systems
* Explicit Fuzzy Modeling of Shapes and Positioning for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Fast Incremental Learning Strategy Driven by Confusion Reject for Online Handwriting Recognition
* Fuzzy Point of View Combination for Contextual Shape Recognition: Application to On-line Graphic Gesture Recognition
* Fuzzy Relative Positioning Templates for Symbol Recognition
* generic hybrid classifier based on hierarchical fuzzy modeling: experiments on on-line handwritten character recognition, A
* Generic Method for Eager Interpretation of On-Line Handwritten Structured Documents, A
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Drawing and Handwriting Processing for User-Centered Systems
* Handling Out-of-Vocabulary Words and Recognition Errors Based on Word Linguistic Context for Handwritten Sentence Recognition
* Handwritten gesture recognition driven by the spatial context of strokes
* HBF49 feature set: A first unified baseline for online symbol recognition
* HIF3D: Handwriting-Inspired Features for 3D skeleton-based action recognition
* Hybrid statistical-structural on-line Chinese character recognition with fuzzy inference system
* ILGDB database of realistic pen-based gestural commands, The
* IMISketch: An interactive method for sketch recognition
* Integration of an on-line handwriting recognition system in a smart phone device
* Interactive Competitive Breadth-First Exploration for Sketch Interpretation
* Interactive interpretation of structured documents: Application to the recognition of handwritten architectural plans
* Lexical post-processing optimization for handwritten word recognition
* Multi-criteria handwriting quality analysis with online fuzzy models
* On-line writer adaptation for handwriting recognition using fuzzy inference systems
* Perceptual Model of Handwriting Drawing, Application To the handwriting Segmentation Problem
* Personal digital bodyguards for e-security, e-learning and e-health: A prospective survey
* Personalizable Pen-Based Interface Using Lifelong Learning
* Recent developments in the study of rapid human movements with the kinematic theory: Applications to handwriting and signature synthesis
* Recovery of a drawing order from off-line isolated letters dedicated to on-line recognition
* Semi-customizable Gestural Commands Approach and Its Evaluation
* Statistical language models for on-line handwritten sentence recognition
* Supervision Strategies for the Online Learning of an Evolving Classifier for Gesture Commands
* Text/Non-text Ink Stroke Classification in Japanese Handwriting Based on Markov Random Fields
* Unified Strategy to Deal with Different Natures of Reject, A
* Use of a Confusion Network to Detect and Correct Errors in an On-Line Handwritten Sentence Recognition System
* User-Centered Design of an Interactive Off-Line Handwritten Architectural Floor Plan Recognition
* Using Confusion Reject to Improve (User and) System (Cross) Learning of Gesture Commands
Includes: Anquetil, E. Anquetil, E.[Eric] Anquetil, É. Anquetil, É.[Éric]
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Anquez, J.[Jeremie] Co Author Listing * Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Segmentation in Whole-Body MRI of Children
Includes: Anquez, J.[Jeremie] Anquez, J.[Jérémie]

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