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Ahsan Chowdhury, A. Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition Using Adaptive Robust Local Complete Pattern

Ahsan, A.M.[Amin Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Machine learning technique for object detection based on SURF feature

Ahsan, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * evaluation of real-time RGB-D visual odometry algorithms on mobile devices, An
* Out-of-Distribution Detection with Reconstruction Error and Typicality-based Penalty
* Regularization with Latent Space Virtual Adversarial Training
Includes: Ahsan, B.[Benjamin] Ahsan, B.[Budrul]

Ahsan, H. Co Author Listing * Multi-label annotation of music

Ahsan, S.[Syed] Co Author Listing * Image-based walkthroughs from incremental and partial scene reconstructions

Ahsan, S.M.M.[S.M. Masudul] Co Author Listing * Histogram of DMHI and LBP images to represent human actions

Ahsan, T.[Tanveer] Co Author Listing * Fault diagnosis of induction motors utilizing local binary pattern-based texture analysis

Ahsan, U.[Unaiza] Co Author Listing * Clustering Social Event Images Using Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Complex Event Recognition from Images with Few Training Examples
* Comprehensive Review of Modern Object Segmentation Approaches, A
* Video Jigsaw: Unsupervised Learning of Spatiotemporal Context for Video Action Recognition
Includes: Ahsan, U.[Unaiza] Ahsan, U.

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