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8511 * Applications of Quadtree, Octree, and Binary Tree Decomposition Techniques to Shape Analysis and Pattern Recognition
* Applications of Tensor Theory to Object Recognition and Orientation Determination
* Approach to Knowledge-Driven Segmentation, An
* Aspects of Perception and Computation in Color Vision
* Binocular Stereo Algorithm Based on the Disparity-Gradient Limit and Using Optimization Theory
* Cognitive Heuristic Algorithm for Reseau Mark Detection by Hill Climbing, A
* Describing a Robot's Workspace Using a Sequence of Views from a Moving Camera
* Description and Discrimination of Planar Shapes Using Shape Matrices
* Direct Surface Reconstruction from a Moving Sensor
* Enhancing Real-Time Perception of Quantum Limited Images from a Doubly Intensified SIT Camera System
* Experiments in Intensity Guided Range Sensing Recognition of Three-Dimensional Objects
* First Stage in Two-Stage Template Matching, The
* Generalized Sloped Facet Models Useful in Multispectral Image Analysis
* Image Processing by Simulated Annealing
* Knowledge-Based Analysis of Carotid Angiograms
* Min-Max Operators in Texture Analysis
* Model for the Analysis of Neighbor Finding in Pointer Based Quadtrees, A
* New Fusion Operations for Digitized Binary Images and Their Applications
* On Describing Complex Surface Shapes
* On the Generation of Discrete Circular Objects and Their Properties
* On the Recognition of Properties of Three-Dimensional Pictures
* Optic Flow Segmentation as an Ill-Posed and Maximum Likelihood Problem
* Optical Character Recognition Based on Analog Preprocessing and Automatic Feature Extraction
* Recognition of Moving Objects Using Feature Signatures
* Relaxation Labelling Algorithms: A Review
* Roll fingerprint processing apparatus
* Shape Information from Rotated Scans
* Surface Curvature as a Measure of Image Texture
* Surface Descriptions from Stereo and Shading
* Theory of Binary Digital Pictures, A
* Uniform Resampling of Digitized Contours
* Universal thresholder/discriminator
* Use of Multiple Difference-of-Gaussian Filters to Verify Geometric Models
* Using Multisensory Images to Derive the Structure of Three-Dimensional Objects: A Review
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