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8504 * Advances in Picture Coding
* Boundaries of Visual Motion
* Detection of Objects in High Resolution Multispectral Aerial Images
* Digital Images of Geometric Pictures
* Digital Television: Transmission and Coding
* Efficient Diagram Understanding with Characteristic Pattern Detection
* Gaussian-Weighted Multiresolution Edge Detector, A
* High Compression Image Coding via Directional Filtering
* Image comparison system
* Inferring 3D Shapes from 2D Codons
* M-Dimensional Grid Point Space, The
* New Iterative Algorithm for Image Restoration, A
* Parallel Algorithms for Data Compression
* Prism Trees: An Efficient Representation for Manipulating and Displaying Polyhedra With Many Faces
* Process and device for the binarization of a pattern
* Pseudo-Coding Method for Digital Line Figures
* Sampling and Reconstruction of Time-Varying Imagery with Application in Video Systems, The
* Second-Generation Image Coding Techniques
* Shadows and Silhouettes in Computer Vision
* Terminal Weighted Grammars and Picture Description
* Texture Operators in Segmentation
* Topological Structural Analysis of Digitized Binary Images by Border Following
* Two-Dimensional Run-Encoding for Quadtree Representation
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