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8411 * Algorithms for the Euler Characteristic and Related Additive Functionals of Digital Objects
* Bayes Smoothing Algorithms for Segmentation of Binary Images Modeled by Markov Random Fields
* Classification Error for a Very Large Number of Classes
* Culling Hidden Edges of Rectangular Parallelpipeds
* Document Segmentation and Coding Techniques
* Environments for Image Processing Algorithm Development
* Fast Sequential Method for Polygonal Approximation of Digitized Curves, A
* Fractal-Based Description of Natural Scenes
* Image Processing and Analysis of the Grain Constitution in Minerals
* Iterative Segmentation Method Based on a Contextual Color and Shape Criterion, An
* Laser Range Finder Based on Synchronized Scanners
* Linear Time Algorithm for Finding a Picture's Connected Components
* Local Estimation of the Uniform Error Threshold
* Machine Vision Applied to Vehicle Guidance
* Matched Filters for Bin Picking
* Matching Images Using Linear Features
* New Class of Similarity Measures for Robust Image Registration, A
* Object Detection Based on Gray Level Cooccurrence
* Obtaining Viewing Distance and Angle of Gaze from Vertical Disparity Using a Hough-Type Accumulator
* Panoramic lens
* Performance Evaluation of Shape Matching via Chord Length Distribution
* Position Determination Using Generalized Multidirectional Gradient Codes
* Progressive Refinement of 3-D Images Using Coded Binary Trees: Algorithms and Architecture
* Recognitive Aspects of Moment Invariants
* Region Representation: Parallel Connected Stripes
* Special Issue On Parallel Processing
* Stochastic Relaxation, Gibbs Distributions, and the Bayesian Restoration of Images
* Survey of Approaches for Determining Optic Flow, Environmental Layout and Egomotion, A
* Synthesis and Estimation of Random Fields Using Long-Correlation Models
* Uncertainty Principle in Image Processing, The
* Use of Objects' Faces in Interpreting Line Drawings, The
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