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8305 * Algebraic Methods for Intersections of Quadric Surfaces in GMSolid
* Applications of Vector Fields to Image Processing
* Device for investigation of a finger relief
* Digital Processing of Chest Radiographs
* Discrete cosine transformer
* Distance Measure between Attributed Relational Graphs for Pattern Recognition, A
* Gradient Projection Algorithm for Relaxation Methods, A
* Image Transform Coding Scheme Based on Spatial Domain Considerations, An
* Iterative Approach to Region Growing Using Associative Memories, An
* Matching the Task to an Image Processing Architecture
* Moment Invariants in Theory and Practice
* More About Areas and Perimeters of Quantized Objects
* Multiple-Window Parallel Adaptive Boundary Finding in Computer Vision
* New Connected Components Algorithm for Virtual Memory Computers, A
* Nonlinear Reduction of Data
* On the Foundations of Relaxation Labeling Processes
* On the Information in Optical Flows
* Optical Scanning Digitizers
* Optimization Approach to Relaxation Labeling Algorithms, An
* Optimization by Simulated Annealing
* Optimum Recursive Filtering of Noisy Two-Dimensional Data with Sequential Parameter Identification
* Picking up an Object from a Pile of Objects
* Problem Reduction Representation for the Linguistic Analysis of Waveforms
* Reasoning About Success and Failure in Aerial Image Understanding
* Region Digitization and Boundary Estimation
* Segmentation of Digital Curves Using Linguistic Techniques
* Using Pyramids to Define Local Thresholds for Blob Detection
* Video signal interpolation using motion estimation
* Visibility of a Simple Polygon
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