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7000 * *Picture Processing and Psychopictorics
* Algorithms for Recognizing Contour-Traced Handprinted Characters
* Boundary Encoding and Processing
* Charge Coupled Semiconductor Devices
* Computer Pattern Recognition of Standard Engraved Music Notation
* Computer Techniques in Image Processing
* Decision Directed Estimation of a Two Class Decision Boundary
* Discrete Approximation of Continuous Convex Blobs
* Dynamic Shape Factors of Particles
* Edge and Curve Detection for Texture Discrimination
* Experimental Verification of the Charge Coupled Device Concept
* Geometrical Operations on Digitized Pictures
* Improved Computer Chromosome Analysis Incorporating Preprocessing and Boundary Analysis
* Machine Analysis of Multi-Body Scenes
* Maximizzation Technique Occurring in teh Statistical Analysis of Probabilistic Function of Markov Chains, A
* Medial Axis Transformations
* Mesh Refinements for the Heat Equation
* Object Enhancement and Extraction
* Picture Language Machines
* Scene Analysis Using Regions
* Spatial Frequency Filtering
* Steps Toward a System for Processing Biological Images
* Textural Properties for Pattern Recognition
* Texture Synthesis
* Unified Approach to Pattern Analysis, A
* Using Radar Imagery for Crop Discrimination: A Statistical and Conditional Probability Study
* Visual Analysis of Texture in the Detection and Recognition of Objects
* Visual Target Tracking with Active Head Rotation
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