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SP(6) * DPCM Coding of the Chrominance Signals for the Transmission of Colour TV Signals at 34 Mbits/S
* Linear MMSE Filtering for Restoration of Images Degraded by Film Grain Noise

SP(60) * Edge-Detection by Point Classification of Canny Filtered Images
* From Image-Processing to Feature Processing
* Queue-Based Region Growing Algorithm for Accurate Segmentation of Multidimensional Digital Images, A
* Spatiotemporal Wavelet Transforms for Digital Signal Analysis

SP(61) * Automatic Left Ventricular Center Point Extraction in Echocardiographic Images
* CFAR Detection for Two Correlated Targets
* Edge Preservance and Block Effect Reduction by Block Coefficient Diffusion Method
* Fast Orthogonalization Algorithms for Segmented Image-Coding

SP(62) * Bayesian-Approach for the Median Filter in Image-Processing, A
* Boundary Extraction of Sodar Images
* Efficient Quantization Technique for Wavelet Coefficients of Fingerprint Images, An
* Flat Zone Approach: A General Low-Level Region Merging Segmentation Method, The
* Heuristic Algorithm for Optical Character Recognition of Arabic Script, A
* Shape Characterization With the Wavelet Transform
* Stochastic Vector Quantization of Images
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SP(63) * Color Image-Coding Combining Linear Prediction and Iterated Function Systems
* FFT-Based Technique for Fast Fractal Image Compression, An
* Novel-Approach to the Optimal Biorthogonal Analysis Window Sequence of the Discrete Gabor Expansion, A
* On the Optimal Number of Scales in Estimation of Fractal Signals Using Wavelets and Filter Banks
* Split-Radix Algorithm for 2-D Discrete Hartley Transform
* Unified Mathematical Form of the Walsh-Hadamard Transform for Lossless Image Data-Compression, A

SP(65) * Construction of High Resolution Wavelets
* New Approach for Real Time Reduction of Blocking Effect, A
* Spatiotemporal Energy-Based Method for Velocity Estimation

SP(66) * Automatic Moving Object and Background Separation
* Content Based Access to Video Objects: Temporal Segmentation, Visual Summary, and Feature Extraction
* DCT Domain System for Robust Image Watermarking, A
* Direct Incremental Model Based Image Motion Segmentation for Video Analysis
* Extensive Operators in Partition Lattices for Image Sequence Analysis
* Hierarchical Segmentation of Video Sequences for Content Manipulation and Adaptive Coding
* Image and Watermark Registration
* Motion Based Analysis and Segmentation of Image Sequences Using 3-D Scene Models
* Noise Robust Method for 2D Shape Estimation of Moving Objects in Video Sequences Considering a Moving Camera, A
* Robust Audio Watermarking Using Perceptual Masking
* Robust Image Watermarking in the Spatial Domain
* Role of Analysis in Content Based Video Coding and Indexing, The
* Rotation, Scale and Translation Invariant Spread Spectrum Digital Image Watermarking
* Special Issue on Video Sequence Segmentation for Content Based Processing and Manipulation
* Special Issue on Watermarking
* Tracking of the Motion of Important Facial Features in Model-Based Coding
* Watermarking Algorithm Based on a Human Visual Model
* Watermarking of Uncompressed and Compressed Video
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SP(67) * Adaptive Nonlinear Filters for 2D and 3D Image Enhancement
* Characterization of Human Visual Sensitivity for Video Imaging Applications
* Link Between Image Based and Feature Based Active Contours, A
* Periodogram with Varying and Data Driven Window Length
* Polynomial Preserving Algorithm for Digital Image Interpolation
* Two-Dimensional Discrete Fractional Fourier-Transform

SP(68) * Fast Adaptive Fourier Based Transform and its Use in Multidimensional Data Compression
* New Fast Local Motion Estimation Algorithm Using Global Motion, A
* On Matrix Factorizations for Recursive Pruned Discrete Cosine Transforms
* Recursive Estimation of 4th-Order Cumulants with Application to Identification
* Revisiting the Estimation of the Mean Using Order-Statistics
* Wavelet Transform Domain Blind Deconvolution

SP(69) * Fractional Fourier and Radon-Wigner Transforms Of Periodic Signals
* Image Sequence Macroblock Classification Using Neural Networks
* Image-Based Multimodal Face Authentication
* Remarks on the Unsubsampled Wavelet Transform and the Lifting Scheme

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