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PETS-Winter09 * *International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
* Crowd event recognition using HOG tracker
* Evaluation of sampling-based pedestrian detection for crowd counting
* Multi camera person tracking applying a graph-cuts based foreground segmentation in a homography framework
* Multi-camera person tracking in crowded environments
* Multiple object tracking using flow linear programming
* PETS2009 and Winter-PETS 2009 results: A combined evaluation
* PETS2009: Dataset and challenge
* Robust background model for pixel based people counting using a single uncalibrated camera
* Simple real-time human detection using a single correlation filter
* Sparsity-driven people localization algorithm: Evaluation in crowded scenes environments
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PETS01 * *International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
* *PETS 2001 Benchmark Data
* Appearance Models for Occlusion Handling
* Multi Camera Image Tracking
* Multi-Modal Tracking of Interacting Targets using Gaussian Approximations
* Multiple Objects Colour-Based Tracking using Multiple Cameras in Complex Time-Varying Outdoor Scenes
* Object Detection and Tracking in an Open and Dynamic World
* People Tracking in Indoor Surveillance Applications
* Real-Time Tracking of Pedestrians and Vehicles
* Tracking and Classifying Moving Objects from Video
* Tracking in Uncalibrated Cameras with Overlapping Field of View
* Tracking of Non-Gaussian Clusters in the PETS2001 Image Sequences
* Tracking Persons and Vehicles in Outdoor Image Sequences using Temporal Spatio-Velocity Transform
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PETS02 * *International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
* Auto Calibration in Multiple-Camera Surveillance Environment
* Detecting Moving Objects and their Shadows: An Evaluation with the PETS2002 Dataset
* Event-based Activity Analysis in Live Video using a Generic Object Tracker
* From Cluster Tracking to People Counting
* Open Development Environment for Evaluation of Video Surveillance Systems, An
* Performance Metrics and Methods for Tracking in Surveillance
* Tracking and Counting Multiple Interacting People in Indoor Scenes
* Tracking People with Probabilistic Appearance Models
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PETS03 * *International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
* Utilizing Learned Motion Patterns to Robustly Track Persons

PETS04 * Automatic Tracking and Labeling of Human Activities in a Video Sequence

PETS05 * *International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
* Appearance-based 3D face tracker: an evaluation study
* Application and Evaluation of Colour Constancy in Visual Surveillance
* Background initialization with a new robust statistical approach
* Behavior recognition via sparse spatio-temporal features
* Can the Surveillance System Run Pose Variant Face Recognition in Real Time?
* Comparison of Active-Contour Models Based on Blurring and on Marginalization, A
* Comparison of target detection algorithms using adaptive background models
* Contour-Based Moving Object Detection and Tracking, A
* Data fusion for robust head tracking by particles
* Deleted Interpolation Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Grammar Network for Recognizing Human Activity
* Discriminant Locality Preserving Projections: A New Method to Face Representation and Recognition
* Distant targets identification as an on-line dynamic vehicle routing problem using an active-zooming camera
* Efficient Hidden Semi-Markov Model Inference for Structured Video Sequences
* Efficient occlusion handling for multiple agent tracking by reasoning with surveillance event primitives
* Evaluation of Motion Segmentation Quality for Aircraft Activity Surveillance
* Evaluation of MPEG7 color descriptors for visual surveillance retrieval
* Evaluation of object tracking for aircraft activity surveillance
* Face recognition through mismatch driven representations of the face
* hybrid blob- and appearance-based framework for multi-object tracking through complex occlusions, A
* Illumination and motion-based video enhancement for night surveillance
* Improving Performance via Post Track Analysis
* Integrating component cues for human pose tracking
* Modeling background from compressed video
* Object Tracking using Color Correlogram
* Object tracking with dynamic feature graph
* On calibrating a camera network using parabolic trajectories of a bouncing ball
* On-line Conservative Learning for Person Detection
* Online learning of region confidences for object tracking
* Ontology-based hierarchical conceptual model for semantic representation of events in dynamic scenes
* Performance evaluating the evaluator
* Performance evaluation of a real time video surveillance system
* PETS Metrics: On-Line Performance Evaluation Service
* Quantitative Evaluation of Video-based 3D Person Tracking, A
* Rao-Blackwellised particle filter for tracking with application in visual surveillance
* Reconstruction of 3D Face from a Single 2D Image for Face Recognition
* Robust Object Matching for Persistent Tracking with Heterogeneous Features
* Terrascope Dataset: Scripted Multi-Camera Indoor Video Surveillance with Ground-truth, The
* Towards intelligent camera networks: a virtual vision approach
* Towards Interactive Generation of Ground-truth in Background Subtraction from Partially Labeled Examples
* Tracking objects in occluding environments using temporal spatio-velocity transform
* Using SVM for Efficient Detection of Human Motion
* Validation of blind region learning and tracking
* Vehicle Categorization: Parts for Speed and Accuracy
* Vehicle Class Recognition from Video-Based on 3D Curve Probes
* Visual Surveillance for Aircraft Activity Monitoring
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PETS06 * *International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
* *PETS 2006 Benchmark Data
* Left-Luggage Detection using Bayesian Inference

PETS13 * *International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
* Histograms of optical flow orientation for abnormal events detection
* Improved mean shift for multi-target tracking
* Learning crowd behavior for event recognition
* motion-enhanced hybrid Probability Hypothesis Density filter for real-time multi-human tracking in video surveillance scenarios, A
* Parameter estimation and contextual adaptation for a multi-object tracking CRF model
* Performance evaluation of an improved relational feature model for pedestrian detection
* Real-time tracking of single people and groups simultaneously by contextual graph-based reasoning dealing complex occlusions
* Unified hierarchical multi-object tracking using global data association
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PETS16 * *International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
* Abnormal Event Recognition: A Hybrid Approach Using SemanticWeb Technologies
* Channel Coded Distribution Field Tracking for Thermal Infrared Imagery
* Online Multi-object Tracking Based on Hierarchical Association Framework
* PETS 2016: Dataset and Challenge
* Realtime Anomaly Detection Using Trajectory-Level Crowd Behavior Learning
* Robust Visual Tracking with Deep Convolutional Neural Network Based Object Proposals on PETS
* Saliency-Based Detection for Maritime Object Tracking
* Semantic Modelling for Behaviour Characterisation and Threat Detection
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PETS17 * *International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
* Abnormal Event Detection on BMTT-PETS 2017 Surveillance Challenge
* CoMaL Tracking: Tracking Points at the Object Boundaries
* Enhancing Detection Model for Multiple Hypothesis Tracking
* Loitering Behaviour Detection of Boats at Sea
* Okutama-Action: An Aerial View Video Dataset for Concurrent Human Action Detection
* PETS 2017: Dataset and Challenge
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