Journals starting with optl

OptLas( Vol No. ) * *Optics and Lasers in Engineering

OptLas(22) * 3D Reconstruction of Objects Using Stereo Imaging
* Camera Orientation and 3D-Deformation Measurement by Use of Cross Gratings
* Computer Vision for General-Purpose Visual Inspection: A Fuzzy-Logic Approach
* Peripheral Inspection of Objects
* Special Issue on Computer-Aided Measurement and Inspection
* Transputer-Based Automated Visual Inspection System for Electronic Devices and PCBs, A

OptLas(24) * Optical Triangulation for Dynamic Gauging of Cylindrical Parts

OptLas(26) * New Optical Measuring System for Solder Joint Inspection

OptLas(28) * Automatic-Measurement Extraction for Apparel from a Three-Dimensional Body Scan
* Color 3-D Electronic Imaging of the Surface of the Human-Body
* Noncontact Anthropometry Using Projected Laser Line Distortion: Three-Dimensional Graphic Visualization and Applications
* Three-Dimensional Surface Anthropometry: Applications to the Human-Body

OptLas(42) * Implementation and Experimental Study on Fast Object Modeling Based on Multiple Structured Stripes

OptLet(20) * Imaging with terahertz waves

OptLett( Vol No. ) * *Optics Letters

OptLett(25) * Three-dimensional object recognition by use of digital holography

OptLett(32) * Object recognition by use of polarimetric phase-shifting digital holography
* Polarization imaging of a 3D object by use of on-axis phase-shifting digital holography

OptLett(34) * Time-multiplexed dual-focal plane head-mounted display with a fast liquid lens

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