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OmniCV20 * *Omnidirectional Computer Vision in Research and Industry
* ArUcOmni: detection of highly reliable fiducial markers in panoramic images
* Deep Lighting Environment Map Estimation from Spherical Panoramas
* Deep Physical Model for Solar Irradiance Forecasting with Fisheye Images, A
* RAPiD: Rotation-Aware People Detection in Overhead Fisheye Images
* Toward Real-world Panoramic Image Enhancement
* Unsupervised Learning of Metric Representations with Slow Features from Omnidirectional Views
* Upright and Stabilized Omnidirectional Depth Estimation for Wide-baseline Multi-camera Inertial Systems
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OmniCV21 * *Omnidirectional Computer Vision in Research and Industry
* 3D Object Detection from a Single Fisheye Image Without a Single Fisheye Training Image
* CL-Gym: Full-Featured PyTorch Library for Continual Learning
* Class-Incremental Experience Replay for Continual Learning under Concept Drift
* Continual learning in cross-modal retrieval
* Cross-Domain Multi-task Learning for Object Detection and Saliency Estimation
* Detecting Low-Rank Regions in Omnidirectional Images
* Evaluating the Impact of Wide-Angle Lens Distortion on Learning-based Depth Estimation
* Fast Solvers for Minimal Radial Distortion Relative Pose Problems
* OmniFlow: Human Omnidirectional Optical Flow
* OmniLayout: Room Layout Reconstruction from Indoor Spherical Panoramas
* Pano3D: A Holistic Benchmark and a Solid Baseline for 360 Depth Estimation
* PanoDR: Spherical Panorama Diminished Reality for Indoor Scenes
* Scaled 360 layouts: Revisiting non-central panoramas
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OmniCV22 * *Omnidirectional Computer Vision in Research and Industry
* 3D Room Layout Recovery Generalizing across Manhattan and Non-Manhattan Worlds
* HiMODE: A Hybrid Monocular Omnidirectional Depth Estimation Model
* New Non-central Model for Fisheye Calibration, A
* Photometric Visual Gyroscope for Full-View Spherical Camera
* Pose Estimation for Two-View Panoramas based on Keypoint Matching: A Comparative Study and Critical Analysis
* Rethinking Supervised Depth Estimation for 360 Panoramic Imagery
* SPIN: Simplifying Polar Invariance for Neural networks Application to vision-based irradiance forecasting
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* Acquiring and Rendering High-Resolution Spherical Mosaics
* Approximating a Single Viewpoint in Panoramic Imaging Devices
* Automatic Disparity Control in Stereo Panoramas (OmniStereo)
* Catadioptric Sensors that Approximate Wide-Angle Perspective Projections
* Complete Calibration of a Multi-camera Network
* Complete Panoramic Vision System, Incorporating Imaging, Ranging, and Three Dimensional Navigation, A
* Construction of an Immersive Mixed Environment using an Omnidirectional Stereo Image Sensor
* Equivalence of Catadioptric Projections and Mappings of the Sphere
* Experimental Results got with the Omnidirectional Vision Sensor: SYCLOP
* Large Motion Estimation for Omnidirectional Vision
* Method for 3D Reconstruction of Piecewise Planar Objects from Single Panoramic Images, A
* Multi-Camera Networks: Eyes from Eyes
* New Catadioptric Sensor for the Panoramic Vision of Mobile Robots, A
* Omni-Directional Structure from Motion
* Omni-Directional Vision for Robot Navigation
* Omniview Cameras with Curved Surface Mirrors
* Panoramic Image Archives for As-Built Modeling of Complex Industrial Assets
* Panoramic Virtual Stereo Vision of Cooperative Mobile Robots for Localizing 3D Moving Objects
* Real-Time Target Localization and Tracking by N-Ocular Stereo
* Robust Localization using Eigenspace of Spinning-Images
* Segmentation, Tracking and Interpretation using Panoramic Video
* Video Plus
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* absolute localization method using a synthetic panoramic image base, An
* Calibration of panoramic catadioptric sensors made easier
* Constant resolution omnidirectional cameras
* Discrete and differential two-view constraints for general imaging systems
* Equi-areal catadioptric sensors
* Eyes from Eyes: New Cameras for Structure from Motion
* Feature extraction and calibration for stereo reconstruction using non-SVP optics in a panoramic stereo-vision sensor
* general approach for egomotion estimation with omnidirectional images, A
* Humanoid Machine Vision System and GPS
* Image processing in catadioptric planes: spatiotemporal derivatives and optical flow computation
* Mirror design of a prescribed accuracy omnidirectional vision system
* Mixing catadioptric and perspective cameras
* Multiview panoramic cameras using a mirror pyramid
* Omnidirectional imaging and optical flow
* Omnidirectional sensing for human interaction
* Panoramic mosaicing with a 180 deg field of view lens
* Reliable 3D reconstruction from a few catadioptric images
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* Non-linear voting in the space variant Hough transform

* Catadioptric Image-based Rendering for Mobile Robot Localization
* Circle-Marker Detection Method for Omnidirectional Images and its Application to Robot Positioning
* Contrast Enhancement from Multiple Panoramic Images
* Depth Map Regeneration via Improved Graph Cuts Using a Novel Omnidirectional Stereo Sensor
* Discrete camera calibration from the information distance between pixel streams
* Estimation of the Epipole using Optical Flow at Antipodal Points
* Flexible Mirror Imaging
* Focus in Catadioptric Imaging Systems
* Learning Higher-order Transition Models in Medium-scale Camera Networks
* Linear solution for the pose estimation of noncentral catadioptric systems
* Localizing Unordered Panoramic Images Using the Levenshtein Distance
* Methods for space line localization from single catadioptric images: new proposals and comparisons
* new Omnidirectional Stereovision Sensor, A
* Non-additive Approach for Omnidirectional Image Gradient Estimation
* Omnidirectional Cameras as Backing-Up Aid
* Orientation and Pose recovery from Spherical Panoramas
* Performance Analysis and Validation of a Paracatadioptric Omnistereo System
* Position and radius of spheres from single off-axis catadioptric images
* Radon Transform and Harmonical Analysis Using Lines for 3D Rotation Estimation without Correpondences from Omnidirectional Vision
* Rectangle Extraction in Catadioptric Images
* Single-Image Calibration of Off-Axis Catadioptric Cameras Using Lines
* Two Minimal Problems for Cameras with Radial Distortion
* Unifying Omnidirectional Camera Model and its Applications, A
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* adapted Lucas-Kanade's method for optical flow estimation in catadioptric images, An
* Auto-Organized Visual Perception Using Distributed Camera Network
* Automated Placement of Multiple Stereo Cameras for Tele-Immersive Applications
* Catadioptric Sensor for a Simultaneous Tracking of the Driver's Face and the Road Scene
* Closing the Loop in Appearance Guided SfM for Omnidirectional Cameras
* Depth from Distortions
* Distributed Face Recognition via Consensus on SE(3)
* DLT-Like Calibration for Central Catadioptric Cameras
* Efficient Shortest Triangle Paths Algorithm for Uncertainty-based Multi Camera Calibration, An
* Free Space Detection from Catadioptric Omnidirectional Images for Visual Navigation using Optical Flow
* Free-Form Mirror Design Inspired by Photometric Stereo
* Generic Self-calibration of Central Cameras from Two Real Rotational Flows
* Line Matching across Catadioptric Images
* Matching of omindirectional and perspective images using the hybrid fundamental matrix
* Multi-Camera Calibration Using a Globe
* Multicamera object disambiguation using view angles in a plane
* Omnidirectional Gait Identification by Tilt Normalization and Azimuth View Transformation
* Omnidirectional Projections with a Cone Mirror and Single Mirror Stereo
* Omnidirectional Vision Attachment for Medical Endoscopes
* Orthographic Projection for Optical Signal Processing
* Planar motion estimation using an uncalibrated general camera
* Plane-Based Calibration for Linear Cameras
* Ray-based Calibration of Rigid Medical Endoscopes
* Running on Optical Rails. Theory, Implementation and Testing of Omnidirectional View-based Point-To-Point Navigation
* Spatio-Temporal Lifelog Using a Wearable Compound Omnidirectional Sensor
* Spherical Image Processing for Accurate Visual Odometry with Omnidirectional Cameras
* Spherical Region-Based Matching of Vanishing Points in Catadioptric Images
* Three types of reprojection error on spherical epipolar geometry
* Towards Dynamic Camera Calibration for Constrained Flexible Mirror Imaging
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* Direct approach to the self-calibration of omnidirectional cameras
* Face tracking by using omnidirectional sensor network
* Featuring Optical Rails: View-based robot guidance using orientation features on the sphere
* Projection through quadric mirrors made faster
* Self-calibration of asynchronized camera networks

* 3D environment measurement using binocular stereo and motion stereo by mobile robot with omnidirectional stereo camera
* Adapting a real-time monocular visual SLAM from conventional to omnidirectional cameras
* Calibration of radially symmetric distortion based on linearity in the calibrated image
* Indoor SLAM using a range-augmented omnidirectional vision
* insect-inspired omnidirectional vision system including UV-sensitivity and polarisation, An
* Matching cylindrical panorama sequences using planar reprojections
* Multiple Hypothesis Tracking in camera networks
* Non-sequential structure from motion
* Optimum alignment of panoramic images for stereoscopic navigation in image-based telepresence systems
* Scene structure recovery from a single omnidirectional image
* Self-localization of mobile robot equipped with omnidirectional camera using image matching and 3D-2D edge matching
* spherical representation for efficient visual loop closing, A
* Structure from Motion using full spherical panoramic cameras
* Tracking moving objects with a catadioptric sensor using particle filter
* Underwater sensing with omni-directional stereo camera
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