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NORDIA08 * *Workshop on Non-Rigid Shape Analysis and Deformable Image Alignment
* 3D non-rigid registration for MPU implicit surfaces
* discrete search method for multi-modal non-rigid image registration, A
* Efficient partial shape matching using Smith-Waterman algorithm
* Face Model Fitting Based on Machine Learning from Multi-Band Images of Facial Components
* Geometric modeling of rigid and non-rigid 3D shapes using the global geodesic function
* Gromov-Hausdorff distances in Euclidean spaces
* MDL patch correspondences on unlabeled images with occlusions
* new framework for behavior modeling of organs and soft tissue using the Boundary-Element Methods, A
* Non-rigid registration of 3D surfaces by deformable 2D triangular meshes
* Not only size matters: Regularized partial matching of nonrigid shapes
* Riemannian manifold optimisation for non-rigid structure from motion
* Template-based paper reconstruction from a single image is well posed when the rulings are parallel
* topological method for shape comparison, A
* Tracking articulated bodies using Generalized Expectation Maximization
* Tracking deformable surfaces with optical flow in the presence of self occlusion in monocular image sequences
* Vesicles and amoebae: Globally constrained shape evolutions
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NORDIA09 * *Workshop on Non-Rigid Shape Analysis and Deformable Image Alignment
* Bending invariant meshes and application to groupwise correspondences
* Detailed body shapes from flash photographs
* Effective and efficient interpolation for mutual information based multimodality elastic image registration
* Efficient retrieval of deformable shape classes using local self-similarities
* Fast nonrigid mesh registration with a data-driven deformation prior
* Integrating contour and skeleton for shape classification
* Joint estimation of deformable motion and photometric parameters in single view video
* Learning shape metrics based on deformations and transport
* Learning varying dimension radial basis functions for deformable image alignment
* Markov Chain Monte Carlo shape sampling using level sets
* Non-rigid registration between color channels based on joint-histogram entropy in subspace
* On reconstruction of non-rigid shapes with intrinsic regularization
* Online Active Feature Model for lip tracking
* phase field higher-order active contour model of directed networks, A
* Probabilistic constrained adaptive local displacement experts
* Shape Google: a computer vision approach to isometry invariant shape retrieval
* Spectral Gromov-Wasserstein distances for shape matching
* Uncalibrated non-rigid factorisation with automatic shape basis selection
* Unsupervised learning of human body parts from video footage
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NORDIA10 * *Workshop on Non-Rigid Shape Analysis and Deformable Image Alignment
* Bypass information-theoretic shape similarity from non-rigid points-based alignment
* Content-aware image resizing by quadratic programming
* Continuous procrustes analysis to learn 2D shape models from 3D objects
* Local shape estimation from a single keypoint
* Persistence-based segmentation of deformable shapes
* Shape matching based on diffusion embedding and on mutual isometric consistency
* Straight skeletons for binary shapes
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NORDIA11 * *Workshop on Non-Rigid Shape Analysis and Deformable Image Alignment
* Consistent pose normalization of non-rigid shapes using One-Class Support Vector Machines
* Deformable image alignment as a source of stereo correspondences on portraits
* Dense shape correspondences using spectral high-order graph matching
* Efficient nonlinear DTI registration using DCT basis functions
* Resolving occlusion in multiframe reconstruction of deformable surfaces
* Separating rigid motion from linear local deformation models
* Temperature distribution descriptor for robust 3D shape retrieval
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NORDIA12 * *Workshop on Non-Rigid Shape Analysis and Deformable Image Alignment
* 3D Facial Landmark Localization Using Combinatorial Search and Shape Regression
* 3D Object Classification Using Scale Invariant Heat Kernels with Collaborative Classification
* 3D Reconstruction of Non-Rigid Surfaces in Real-Time Using Wedge Elements
* Analytical Dynamic Programming Matching
* Anchored Deformable Face Ensemble Alignment
* Combined Motion Estimation and Reconstruction in Tomography
* Correspondences of Persistent Feature Points on Near-Isometric Surfaces
* Drawing an Automatic Sketch of Deformable Objects Using Only a Few Images
* Facial Model Fitting Based on Perturbation Learning and It's Evaluation on Challenging Real-World Diversities Images
* Group-Valued Regularization for Analysis of Articulated Motion
* Multiple Object Tracking via Prediction and Filtering with a Sobolev-Type Metric on Curves
* Putting the Pieces Together: Regularized Multi-part Shape Matching
* Schrödinger Diffusion for Shape Analysis with Texture
* Stable Spectral Mesh Filtering
* Statistical Shape Analysis for Population Studies via Level-Set Based Shape Morphing
* Superfaces: A Super-Resolution Model for 3D Faces
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NORDIA14 * *Workshop on Non-Rigid Shape Analysis and Deformable Image Alignment
* Anisotropic Laplace-Beltrami Operators for Shape Analysis
* Bioinformatics Approach to 3D Shape Matching, A
* Characterization of Partial Intrinsic Symmetries
* Grassmannian Framework for Face Recognition of 3D Dynamic Sequences with Challenging Conditions, A
* Multiple Alignment of Spatiotemporal Deformable Objects for the Average-Organ Computation
* Novel Graph Embedding Framework for Object Recognition, A
* Refining Mitochondria Segmentation in Electron Microscopy Imagery with Active Surfaces
* Supervised Descriptor Learning for Non-Rigid Shape Matching
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