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ETRI Journal(35) * New Solution for Projective Reconstruction Based on Coupled Line Cameras, A

ETRI( Vol No. ) * *ETRI Journal

ETRI(26) * Efficient Inter Prediction Mode Decision Method for Fast Motion Estimation in High Efficiency Video Coding
* Human Action Recognition Based on 3D Human Modeling and Cyclic HMMs

ETRI(37) * Analysis of Physiological Responses and Use of Fuzzy Information Granulation-Based Neural Network for Recognition of Three Emotions
* Conservative Approximation-Based Full-Search Block Matching Algorithm Architecture for QCIF Digital Video Employing Systolic Array Architecture
* Constructions and Properties of General (k, n) Block-Based Progressive Visual Cryptography
* Design and Implementation of 256-Point Radix-4 100 Gbit/s FFT Algorithm into FPGA for High-Speed Applications
* Extracting Graphics Information for Better Video Compression
* Fine-Motion Estimation Using Ego/Exo-Cameras
* Fixed Homography-Based Real-Time SW/HW Image Stitching Engine for Motor Vehicles
* Hybrid Multicast and Segment-Based Caching for VoD Services in LTE Networks
* Implementation of Real-Time Post-Processing for High-Quality Stereo Vision
* Improved TOA-Based Localization Method with BS Selection Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
* Improved Two-Phase Framework for Facial Emotion Recognition
* Parking Space Recognition for Autonomous Valet Parking Using Height and Salient-Line Probability Maps
* Reversible Binary Image Watermarking Method Using Overlapping Pattern Substitution
* Sparse-View CT Image Recovery Using Two-Step Iterative Shrinkage-Thresholding Algorithm
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ETRI(38) * Augmented System for Immersive 3D Expansion and Interaction
* Boosting Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction Using Pre-evaluation
* Color Noise Reduction Method in Non-constant Luminance Signal for High Dynamic Range Video Service
* Demonstration of Time- and Wavelength-Division Multiplexed Passive Optical Network Based on VCSEL Array
* Demosaicing Method for Digital Cameras with White-RGB Color Filter Array
* Design of an Emergency Wake-up Alert System Utilizing Digital Television Guard Band
* Design of Synchronization and T-STD Model for 3DTV Service over Hybrid Networks
* Developing Smart Grids Based on GPRS and ZigBee Technologies Using Queueing Modeling-Based Optimization Algorithm
* Effects of Augmented-Reality Head-up Display System Use on Risk Perception and Psychological Changes of Drivers
* Effects of Upstream Incoherent Crosstalk Caused by ASE Noise from Tx-Disabled ONUs in XG-PONs and TWDM-PONs
* Efficient Beam-Training Technique for Millimeter-Wave Cellular Communications
* Fast Holographic Image Reconstruction Using Phase-Shifting Assisted Depth Detection Scheme for Optical Scanning Holography
* Fast Prediction Mode Decision in HEVC Using a Pseudo Rate-Distortion Based on Separated Encoding Structure
* Follicular Unit Classification Method Using Angle Variation of Boundary Vector for Automatic Hair Implant System
* Framework for Content-Based Image Identification with Standardized Multiview Features
* High Diversity Transceiver for Low Power Differentially Encoded OFDM System
* Identification of Key Nodes in Microblog Networks
* Interactive Human Intention Reading by Learning Hierarchical Behavior Knowledge Networks for Human-Robot Interaction
* Interference Avoidance through Pilot-Based Spectrum Sensing Algorithm in Overlaid Femtocell Networks
* Low-Power Channel-Adaptive Reconfigurable 4X4 QRM-MLD MIMO Detector
* Message Expansion of Homomorphic Encryption Using Product Pairing
* Novel Rate Control Scheme for Low Delay Video Coding of HEVC
* Protection of Incumbent Services and Its Impact on Coverage of TV Band Device Networks in TV White Space
* Protection Switching Methods for Point-to-Multipoint Connections in Packet Transport Networks
* Reduced Reference Quality Metric for Synthesized Virtual Views in 3DTV
* Reusable HEVC Design in 3D-HEVC
* Reversible Data Hiding in Block Compressed Sensing Images
* Robust Transmission Waveform Design for Distributed Multiple-Radar Systems Based on Low Probability of Intercept
* S/W Based Frame-Level Synchronization for Irregular Screen Processing System
* SATS: Structure-Aware Touch-Based Scrolling
* Seamless Video Switching System for Service Compatible 3DTV Broadcasting
* Skin Condition Estimation Using Mobile Handheld Camera
* Transferring Skin Weights to 3D Scanned Clothes
* User Selection Algorithms for MU-MIMO Systems with Coordinated Beamforming
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ETRI(39) * Analysis of V2V Broadcast Performance Limit for WAVE Communication Systems Using Two-Ray Path Loss Model
* Invariant-Feature Based Object Tracking Using Discrete Dynamic Swarm Optimization
* Kalman Filtering with Optimally Scheduled Measurements in Bandwidth Limited Communication Media
* License Plate Recognition System Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Motion Capture of the Human Body Using Multiple Depth Sensors
* Multimodal Medical Image Fusion Based on Sugeno's Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
* New TDOA-Based Three-Dimensional Positioning Method for 3GPP LTE System
* Novel Digital Cancelation Method in Presence of Harmonic Self-Interference
* Optimal Planar Array Architecture for Full-Dimensional Multi-user Multiple-Input Multiple-Output with Elevation Modeling
* Progressive Compression of 3D Mesh Geometry Using Sparse Approximations from Redundant Frame Dictionaries
* Spatial Reuse Algorithm Using Interference Graph in Millimeter Wave Beamforming Systems
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