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CBDAR05 * *International Workshop on Camera Based Document Analysis and Recognition
* Oblivious Document Capture and Real-Time Retrieval

CBDAR11 * *International Workshop on Camera Based Document Analysis and Recognition
* Algorithm for Colour-Based Natural Scene Text Segmentation, An
* Assistive Text Reading from Complex Background for Blind Persons
* Border Noise Removal of Camera-Captured Document Images Using Page Frame Detection
* Decapod: A Flexible, Low Cost Digitization Solution for Small and Medium Archives
* Head-Mounted Device for Recognizing Text in Natural Scenes, A
* Image Based Performance Evaluation Method for Page Dewarping Algorithms Using SIFT Features, An
* IUPR Dataset of Camera-Captured Document Images, The
* Method for Camera-Based Interactive Whiteboard Reading, A
* Multi-script and Multi-oriented Text Localization from Scene Images
* NEOCR: A Configurable Dataset for Natural Image Text Recognition
* PaperUI
* Recognizing Natural Scene Characters by Convolutional Neural Network and Bimodal Image Enhancement
* Text Detection of Two Major Indian Scripts in Natural Scene Images
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CBDAR13 * *International Workshop on Camera Based Document Analysis and Recognition
* Accuracy Improvement of Viewpoint-Free Scene Character Recognition by Rotation Angle Estimation
* Dataset for Quality Assessment of Camera Captured Document Images, A
* Dewarping Book Page Spreads Captured with a Mobile Phone Camera
* Font Distribution Observation by Network-Based Analysis
* Hierarchical Visual Saliency Model for Character Detection in Natural Scenes, A
* Hyperspectral Document Imaging: Challenges and Perspectives
* Mobile Phone Camera-Based Video Scanning of Paper Documents
* Morphology-Based Border Noise Removal Method for Camera-Captured Label Images, A
* Real-life Activity Recognition: Focus on Recognizing Reading Activities
* Robust Approach to Extraction of Texts from Camera Captured Images, A
* Robust Binarization of Stereo and Monocular Document Images Using Percentile Filter
* Scene Text Detection via Integrated Discrimination of Component Appearance and Consensus
* Sign Detection Based Text Localization in Mobile Device Captured Scene Images
* Spatially Prioritized and Persistent Text Detection and Decoding
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