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BMVA( Vol No. ) * *Annals of the BMVA, The

BMVA(2007) * Attention-Based Colour Correction
* Colour Assessment in Dentistry
* Colour Filtering: Colour Bleeding and Related Accuracy Issues
* Colour Image Segmentation Using Texems
* Colour in Vision Analysis
* Fatal Flaws: Uncertainty in the Interpretation of Colour in CCTV Images
* Hardware-Independent Colour Calibration Technique, A
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BMVA(2008) * Multi-dimensional Medical Image Segmentation with Partial Volume and Gradient Modelling
* SIFT Keypoint Descriptors for Range Image Analysis
* Spatial Analysis for Colon Biopsy Classification from Hyperspectral Imagery
* Unsupervised Shape Clustering using Diffusion Maps

BMVA(2009) * Functional Imaging of Tendon
* Identification of atrophy patterns in Alzheimer's disease based on SVM feature selection and anatomical parcellation
* Multi-object Segmentation with Coupled Deformable Models
* Performance of a 2D-3D Image Registration System using (Lossy) Compressed X-ray CT
* Registration of cardiac MSCT and optical tracking data: Image-guided CABG at the arrested heart
* Segmentation of the Midbrain in Transcranial Sonographies using a Two-Component Deformable Mode
* Spectral Clustering and Label Fusion For 3D Tissue Classification: Sensitivity and Consistency Analysis
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BMVA(2010) * Active Range Imaging Dataset for Indoor Surveillance
* BEHAVE video dataset: Ground truthed video for multi-person behavior classification, The
* Performance Evaluation of Tracking for Public Transport Surveillance
* Quantitative evaluation of different aspects of motion trackers under various challenges
* ViSOR: Video Surveillance Online Repository

BMVA(2011) * Classification of MRI Brain Scan Data Using Shape Criteria
* Deformable multimodal registration with gradient orientation based on structure tensors
* Finding Landmarks in the Functional Brain using Feature Reduction and Alignment Techniques
* Local similarity measures for lesion registration in DCE-MRI of the breast
* Non-rigid chest image registration with preservation of topology and rigid structures

BMVA(2012) * Biomarker discovery for sparse classification of brain images in Alzheimer's disease
* bottom-up approach for the analysis of haustral fold ridges in CTC-CAD, A
* Diffeomorphic Atlas Estimation using Geodesic Shooting on Volumetric Images
* Hierarchy in Anatomical Brain Networks Derived from Diffusion Weighted Images in 64 and 15 Directions
* Histogram-based Motion Segmentation and Characterisation of Focal Liver Lesions in CEUS
* Microvasculature Segmentation of Co-Registered Retinal Angiogram Sequences
* Multi-channel 4D Probabilistic Atlas of the Developing Brain: Application to Fetuses and Neonates, A
* Point-based registration of high-resolution histological slices for navigation purposes in virtual microscopy
* Symmetric image registration with directly calculated inverse deformation field
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BMVA(2013) * Guest Editorial
* Learning Dynamical Shape Prior for Level Set based Cell Tracking
* Local Feature Based Breast Tissue Appearance Modelling for Mammographic Risk Assessment
* Nakagami-Based AdaBoost Learning Framework for Detection of Anatomical Landmarks in 2D Fetal Neurosonograms
* Numerical Methods for Coupled Reconstruction and Registration in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
* Overview of Interactive Medical Image Segmentation, An
* Spin-context Segmentation of Breast Tissue Microarray Images
* Statistical region based active contour using a fractional entropy descriptor: Application to nuclei cell segmentation in confocal microscopy images
* Tikhonov Regularisation in Diffusion Signal Estimation
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BMVA(2014) * Linear Poisson Models: A Pattern Recognition Solution to the Histogram Composition Problem

BMVA(2015) * Automatic high-speed video glottis segmentation using salient regions and 3D geodesic active contours
* Automatic Identification of Miscarriage Cases Supported by Decision Strength Using Ultrasound Images of the Gestational Sac
* Combined EMD-ICA Analysis of Simultaneously Register EEG-fMRI Data, A
* Regularized Geometric Hulls for Bio-medical Image Segmentation

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