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AROW21 * *AROW: Adversarial Robustness in the Real World
* AdvFoolGen: Creating Persistent Troubles for Deep Classifiers
* Can Optical Trojans Assist Adversarial Perturbations?
* Can Targeted Adversarial Examples Transfer When the Source and Target Models Have No Label Space Overlap?
* Countering Adversarial Examples: Combining Input Transformation and Noisy Training
* Detecting and Segmenting Adversarial Graphics Patterns from Images
* Encouraging Intra-Class Diversity Through a Reverse Contrastive Loss for Single-Source Domain Generalization
* Enhancing Adversarial Robustness via Test-Time Transformation Ensembling
* Evasion Attack STeganography: Turning Vulnerability Of Machine Learning To Adversarial Attacks Into A Real-world Application
* Hierarchical Assessment of Adversarial Severity, A
* Impact of Colour on Robustness of Deep Neural Networks
* On Adversarial Robustness: A Neural Architecture Search perspective
* On the Effect of Pruning on Adversarial Robustness
* Optical Adversarial Attack
* Patch Attack Invariance: How Sensitive are Patch Attacks to 3D Pose?
* Towards Category and Domain Alignment: Category-Invariant Feature Enhancement for Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* Trojan Signatures in DNN Weights
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