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AppOpt( Vol No. ) * *Applied Optics

AppOpt(10) * Fast Computing of Color Matching by Means of Matrix Representation, Part I: Transmission-Type Coherent

AppOpt(11) * Data Compression and Enhancement of Sampled Images
* Image Evaluation
* X-Ray Image Enhancement by Least-Mean-Square Estimation

AppOpt(14) * Spectral Estimation Techniques for the Spectral Calibration of a Color Image Scanner

AppOpt(15) * Monochrome Digital Image Enhancement
* Position, Rotation and Scale Invarient Optical Correlation

AppOpt(16) * Constant Variance Enhancement: A Digital Processing Technique
* Image Restoration by Wiener Filtering in the Presence of Signal Dependent Noise
* Optimal Edge Detection Filter

AppOpt(17) * Estimation of Images Degraded by Film-Grain Noise

AppOpt(18) * Calculating the Reflectance Map

AppOpt(19) * Comparative Study of Optical-Digital vs. All-Digital Techniques in Textural Pattern Recognition
* Multivariant Techniques for Multiclass Pattern Recognition

AppOpt(21) * Image Sampling, Reconstruction, and the Effect of Sample-Scene Phasing
* Optical Pattern Recognition Using Circular Harmonic Expansion
* Rotation-Invariant Digital Pattern Recognition Using Circular Harmonic Expansion
* Simulation of mid-infrared clutter rejection: 1. One-dimensional LMS spatial filter and adaptive threshold algorithms

AppOpt(23) * Laser Range Finder Based on Synchronized Scanners
* Scattering particle characteristics and their effect on pulsed laser measurements of fluid flow: speckle velocimetry vs particle image velocimetry

AppOpt(24) * Specular, diffuse and polarized light scattered by two wheat canopies

AppOpt(26) * Relational Matching

AppOpt(27) * Why Some things Are Darker When Wet?

AppOpt(3) * Present State of the Art with Regard to Detection Recognition, The

AppOpt(30) * Influence of Speckle on Laser Range Finders

AppOpt(31) * Real-Time Fingerprint Sensor Using a Hologram
* Real-Time Fingerprint Verification System

AppOpt(34) * 3-Dimensional Shape-Recognition Using Computer-Generated Holograms and Temporal Light-in-Flight Technique
* Joint Wavelet-Transform Correlator for Image Feature-Extraction

AppOpt(35) * Edge Enhancement of a Phase-Conjugate Image with a Mutually Pumped Phase Conjugator
* Image Preprocessing for Rotation-Invariant Pattern-Recognition in the Presence of Signal-Dependent Noise
* Rotation-Invariant and Scale-Invariant Feature-Extraction by a Diffractive Optical Inner-Product Transform
* Target Detection in Optically Scattering Media by Polarization-Difference Imaging
* Wavelet-Transform-Based Composite Filters for Invariant Pattern-Recognition

AppOpt(36) * Correlation and Image Recognition with Surface-Scattered Light
* Deep-Space Satellite-Image Reconstructions from Field Data by Use of Speckle Imaging Techniques: Images and Functional Assessment
* Digital Method for Measuring the Focus Error
* Evaluation of 3-D Convolution by 2-D Filtering
* General Image Quality Equation: GIQE
* Image Reconstruction by Backprojection from Frequency-Domain Optical Measurements in Highly Scattering Media
* Image-Quality Enhancement of Objects in Turbid Media by Use of a Combined Computational-Photonics Approach
* Invariant Error Metrics for Image Reconstruction
* Invariant Pattern-Recognition by Use of Wavelength Multiplexing
* Model-Based Image-Reconstruction by Means of a Constrained Least-Squares Solution
* Optical Polarization Imaging
* Partial Rotation-Invariant Pattern-Matching and Face Recognition with a Joint Transform Correlator
* Position-Invariant, Rotation-Invariant, and Scale-Invariant Process for Binary Image Recognition
* Projection-Slice Synthetic Discriminant Functions for Optical-Pattern Recognition
* Tomographic Image Reconstruction from Optical Projections in Light Diffusing Media
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AppOpt(37) * Image Edge Detection and Enhancement by an Inversion Operation
* Improved Feature-Extraction by Use of a Joint Wavelet Transform Correlator

AppOpt(38) * Demonstration of Improved Automatic Target-Recognition Performance by Moment Analysis of Correlation Peaks
* Method of Target Detection in Images by Moment Analysis of Correlation Peaks
* Motion-Distorted Composite-Frame Restoration
* Time-alternating method based on single-sideband holography with half-zone-plate processing for the enlargement of viewing zones

AppOpt(39) * Multifocal planes head-mounted displays

AppOpt(4) * Absolute Contrast Enhancement
* Character Recognition by Incoherent Spatial Filtering
* Recognizing Patterns in Photographs
* Recognizing Patterns in Photographs

AppOpt(42) * Polarization-Based Vision through Haze

AppOpt(43) * Detection of Linear Features in Synthetic-Aperture Radar Images by use of the Localized Radon Transform and Prior Information

AppOpt(46) * Approach for reconstructing anisoplanatic adaptive optics images

AppOpt(47) * Three-Dimensional particle tracking with subnanometer resolution using off-focus images

AppOpt(5) * Spectrum Matching Technique for Enhancing Image Contrast, A

AppOpt(54) * Object tracking based on incremental Bi-2DPCA learning with sparse structure

AppOpt(8) * Color Image Retrieval from Monochrome Transparencies
* Image Restoration, Uncertainty, and Information

AppOpt(9) * Applications of Digital Image Processing

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