Journals starting with ai_5

AI(5) * Alternative Descriptions in Line Drawing Analysis
* Decision Theory and Artificial Intelligence: I. A Semantics Based Region Analyzer
* On Calibrating Computer Controlled Cameras for Perceiving 3-D Scenes

AI(50) * Learning Structures of Visual Patterns from Single Instances

AI(52) * Robot Motion Planning with Uncertainty in Control and Sensing

AI(54) * Putting Knowledge into a Visual Shape Representation

AI(58) * Arc Consistency: Parallelism and Domain Dependence
* logic of constraint satisfaction, The
* Partial constraint satisfaction

AI(59) * Comment on Numerical Shape from Shading and Occluding Boundaries
* complexity of constraint satisfaction revisited, The
* Determining Optical Flow: A Retrospective
* From a Real Chair to a Negative Chair
* Retrospective on Interpreting Line Drawings as Three-Dimensional Surfaces

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