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Yung, C.P.[Chun Pang] Co Author Listing * Efficient feature-based image registration by mapping sparsified surfaces
* Image Retargeting via Beltrami Representation
Includes: Yung, C.P.[Chun Pang] Yung, C.P.

Yung, E.H.K.[Esther H. K.] Co Author Listing * Spatial Effect of Accessibility to Public Service Facilities on Housing Prices: Highlighting the Housing Equity, The

Yung, H.C. Co Author Listing * New Feature Preserving Noise Removal Algorithm Based on the Discrete Cosine Transform and the a Priori Knowledge of Pixel Type
* Optimal floating point multiplication processor for signal processing
* Segmentation of Color Images Based on the Gravitational Clustering Concept

Yung, J.[Jessica] Co Author Listing * Big Transfer (BIT): General Visual Representation Learning
* Kalman Filtered MR Temperature Imaging for Laser Induced Thermal Therapies
* On Robustness and Transferability of Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Yung, J.[Jessica] Yung, J.

Yung, K.L.[Kai Leung] Co Author Listing * Noncooperative Target Detection of Spacecraft Objects Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Yung, L. Co Author Listing * On Feature Motion Decorrelation in Ultrasound Speckle Tracking

Yung, N. Co Author Listing * Robust fabric defect detection and classification using multiple adaptive wavelets

Yung, N.H. Co Author Listing * Outlier detection in traffic data based on the Dirichlet process mixture model

Yung, N.H.C.[Nelson H.C.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive human motion analysis and prediction
* Adaptive search center non-linear three step search
* Anomaly Detection for Quaternion-Valued Traffic Signals
* Automated fabric defect detection: A review
* Bayesian 3D model based human detection in crowded scenes using efficient optimization
* Categorization of human actions with high dynamics in upper extremities based on arm pose modeling
* Category-specific incremental visual codebook training for scene categorization
* Computationally Efficient Hyperspectral Data Learning Based on the Doubly Stochastic Dirichlet Process
* Crowd counting and segmentation in visual surveillance
* Curvature scale space corner detector with adaptive threshold and dynamic region of support
* Detection Based Low Frame Rate Human Tracking
* Discriminative training approaches to fabric defect classification based on wavelet transform
* Effective moving cast shadow detection for monocular color image sequences
* Efficient Parameterless Quadrilateral-Based Image Segmentation Method, An
* Ellipsoidal decision regions for motif-based patterned fabric defect detection
* Extraction of Moving Objects From Their Background Based on Multiple Adaptive Thresholds and Boundary Evaluation
* Feature fusion within local region using localized maximum-margin learning for scene categorization
* Human arm pose modeling with learned features using joint convolutional neural network
* Hybrid graphical model for semantic image segmentation
* Image segmentation towards natural clusters
* Improve scene categorization via sub-scene recognition
* Improved hierarchical conditional random field model for object segmentation
* Intelligent Mobile Vehicle Navigator Based on Fuzzy Logic and Reinforcement Learning, An
* Lane Detection by Orientation and Length Discrimination
* Large Scale Image Categorization in Sparse Nonparametric Bayesian Representation
* Method for Vehicle Count in the Presence of Multiple-Vehicle Occlusions in Traffic Images, A
* methodology for resolving severely occluded vehicles based on component-based multi-resolution relational graph matching, A
* Motif-based defect detection for patterned fabric
* Multi-scale space vehicle component identification
* Multiple-Goal Reinforcement Learning Method for Complex Vehicle Overtaking Maneuvers, A
* Multiple-Human Tracking by Iterative Data Association and Detection Update
* Novel Algorithm for Estimating Vehicle Speed from Two Consecutive Images, A
* Novel Merging Criterion Incorporating Boundary Smoothness and Region Homogeneity for Image Segmentation, A
* novel method for resolving vehicle occlusion in a monocular traffic-image sequence, A
* Parallelization Methodology for Video Coding: An Implementation on the TMS320C80
* Patterned Fabric Defect Detection using a Motif-Based Approach
* Performance Evaluation of a Feature-Preserving Filtering Algorithm for Removing Additive Random Noise in Digital Images
* Scale-Adaptive Spatial Appearance Feature Density Approximation for Object Tracking
* Scene categorization based on local-global feature fusion and multi-scale multi-spatial resolution encoding
* Scene Categorization by Introducing Contextual Information to the Visual Words
* Scene categorization via contextual visual words
* Spatial and Temporal Data Parallelization of the H.261 Video Coding Algorithm
* Sub-scene segmentation using constraints based on Gestalt principles
* Three-Dimensional Model-Based Human Detection in Crowded Scenes
* Unsupervised Tracking With the Doubly Stochastic Dirichlet Process Mixture Model
* Vehicle-Component Identification Based on Multiscale Textural Couriers
* Vehicle-Type Identification Through Automated Virtual Loop Assignment and Block-Based Direction-Biased Motion Estimation
* Video-based System Methodology for Detecting Red Light Runners, A
Includes: Yung, N.H.C.[Nelson H.C.] Yung, N.H.C. Yung, N.H.C.[Nelson H. C.] Yung, N.H.C.[Nelson Hon Ching]
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Yung, S.P. Co Author Listing * Defect detection on patterned jacquard fabric
* New Nonlinear Diffusion Method to Improve Image Quality, A
* Wavelet algorithms for deblurring models
* Wavelet based methods on patterned fabric defect detection

Yung, Y.[Yuk] Co Author Listing * Influence of Droughts on Mid-Tropospheric CO2

Yung, Y.L.[Yuk L.] Co Author Listing * Impact of Aerosol Vertical Distribution on Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval from Passive Satellite Sensors

Yungbluth, D.[Dennis] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Maturity Date of Soybean Breeding Lines Using UAV-Based Multispectral Imagery

Yungstein, Y.[Yehuda] Co Author Listing * High-Throughput Remote Sensing of Vertical Green Living Walls (VGWs) in Workplaces

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