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Warr, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Combinatorial photometric stereo and its application in 3D modeling of melanoma
* Core Imaging Library - Part I: a versatile Python framework for tomographic imaging
* Core Imaging Library - Part II: multichannel reconstruction for dynamic and spectral tomography
* In vivo measurement of skin microrelief using photometric stereo in the presence of interreflections
Includes: Warr, R.[Robert] Warr, R. Warr, R.[Ryan]

Warrant, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Adaptive enhancement and noise reduction in very low light-level video
* Insect Target Classes Discerned from Entomological Radar Data
* Motion Dependent Spatiotemporal Smoothing for Noise Reduction in Very Dim Light Image Sequences
* Remarkable Visual Abilities of Nocturnal Insects: Neural Principles and Bioinspired Night-Vision Algorithms, The
* Superior vision in nocturnal insects inspires new night vision technologies

Warrell, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Active object recognition using vocabulary trees
* Context-based additive logistic model for facial keypoint localization
* CUDA Implementation of Deformable Pattern Recognition and its Application to MNIST Handwritten Digit Database
* Dense Semantic Image Segmentation with Objects and Attributes
* Efficient Salient Region Detection with Soft Image Abstraction
* Epitomized priors for multi-labeling problems
* Filter-Based Mean-Field Inference for Random Fields with Higher-Order Terms and Product Label-Spaces
* Human Instance Segmentation from Video using Detector-based Conditional Random Fields
* Improved Initialization and Gaussian Mixture Pairwise Terms for Dense Random Fields with Mean-field Inference
* Labelfaces: Parsing facial features by multiclass labeling with an epitome prior
* Lattice Cut: Constructing superpixels using layer constraints
* Mesh Based Semantic Modelling for Indoor and Outdoor Scenes
* Multiple-Instance Learning with Structured Bag Models
* Patch-based within-object classification
* Proposal generation for object detection using cascaded ranking SVMs
* Scene shape priors for superpixel segmentation
* Styp-boost: A Bilinear Boosting Algorithm for Learning Style-parameterized Classifiers
* Superpixel lattices
* Tied factor analysis for face recognition across large pose changes
* Tied Factor Analysis for Face Recognition across Large Pose Differences
* tiered move-making algorithm for general pairwise MRFs, A
* Vistas: Hierarchial boundary priors using multiscale conditional random fields
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Warren Rhodes, K.[Kimberley] Co Author Listing * Salt Constructs in Paleo-Lake Basins as High-Priority Astrobiology Targets
Includes: Warren Rhodes, K.[Kimberley] Warren-Rhodes, K.[Kimberley]

Warren Smith, S.C. Co Author Listing * Developments In Monitoring Rangelands Using Remotely-sensed Cross-fence Comparisons
Includes: Warren Smith, S.C. Warren-Smith, S.C.

Warren, C.[Craig] Co Author Listing * Fractal-Constrained Crosshole/Borehole-to-Surface Full-Waveform Inversion for Hydrogeological Applications Using Ground-Penetrating Radar
* Machine Learning-Based Fast-Forward Solver for Ground Penetrating Radar With Application to Full-Waveform Inversion, A
* Modeling of Multilayered Media Green's Functions With Rough Interfaces
* Realistic FDTD GPR Antenna Models Optimized Using a Novel Linear/Nonlinear Full-Waveform Inversion
Includes: Warren, C.[Craig] Warren, C.

Warren, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * Interpreting Volitional Movement Intent From Biological Signals: A Review
* Recording and Decoding for Neural Prostheses
Includes: Warren, D.J.[David J.] Warren, D.J.

Warren, D.W. Co Author Listing * MAGI: A New High-Performance Airborne Thermal-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer for Earth Science Applications
* MAHI: An Airborne Mid-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer for Industrial Emissions Monitoring

Warren, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Deformation at San Emidio Geothermal Field, Nevada, USA Between 1992 and 2010

Warren, J.[Joe] Co Author Listing * Dual Method for Constructing Multi-material Solids from Ray-reps, A
* Extension of Chaiken's Algorithm to B-Spline Curves with Knots in Geometric Progression, An
* Fast Cube Cutting for Interactive Volume Visualization
* Learning-Based Segmentation Framework for Tissue Images Containing Gene Expression Data

Warren, J.D.[Joe D.] Co Author Listing * Curves and Surfaces in Computer Vision and Graphics III

Warren, L. Co Author Listing * Ultrasound RF Time Series for Classification of Breast Lesions

Warren, M. Co Author Listing * Eye on the Sky: An Upward-Looking Monocular Teach-and-Repeat System for Indoor Environments
* Point Me In The Right Direction: Improving Visual Localization on UAVs with Active Gimballed Camera Pointing
* Spectral Characterization of the AisaOWL

Warren, M.A. Co Author Listing * Characterization of Unstable Blinking Pixels in the AisaOWL Thermal Hyperspectral Imager

Warren, M.S.[Michael S.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Global Scale Sentinel-1 Radar Backscatter and Interferometric Processing System, An
* Land cover classification in fused multisensor multispectral satellite imagery
* Leveraging Sentinel-1 time-series data for mapping agricultural land cover and land use in the tropics
* Radiometric Terrain Flattening of Geocoded Stacks of SAR Imagery
* Seeing the Earth in the Cloud: Processing one petabyte of satellite imagery in one day
* Visual search over billions of aerial and satellite images
Includes: Warren, M.S.[Michael S.] Warren, M.S.

Warren, P.[Penny] Co Author Listing * Extending Color Vision Methods to Bands Beyond the Visible

Warren, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * Forty Years of Wetland Status and Trends Analyses in the Great Lakes Using Landsat Archive Imagery and Google Earth Engine
* Wetland Hydroperiod Analysis in Alberta Using InSAR Coherence Data

Warren, R.E. Co Author Listing * Multiple Aerosol Unmixing by the Split Bregman Algorithm
* Optimum Detection of Small Targets in A Cluttered Background

Warren, S.[Sherry] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Identification and Characterization of Extreme Ice Features: Hummocks and Ice Islands

Warren, W.H.[William H.] Co Author Listing * Dynamical Model of Visually-Guided Steering, Obstacle Avoidance, and Route Selection, A

Warren, W.T.[W. Thomas] Co Author Listing * Image screening system
* Tone error control for relatively large image areas

Warren, Z. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Load Measurement in a Virtual Reality-Based Driving System for Autism Intervention

Warren, Z.E. Co Author Listing * Design, Development, and Evaluation of a Noninvasive Autonomous Robot-Mediated Joint Attention Intervention System for Young Children With ASD
* Hand-in-Hand: A Communication-Enhancement Collaborative Virtual Reality System for Promoting Social Interaction in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Warrender, C.E.[Christina E.] Co Author Listing * Fusion of image classifications using Bayesian techniques with Markov random fields
* Image Indexing Applied to Typewriter Font Identification
Includes: Warrender, C.E.[Christina E.] Warrender, C.E.

Warrick, J.A.[Jonathan A.] Co Author Listing * Accurate Maps of Reef-Scale Bathymetry with Synchronized Underwater Cameras and GNSS

Warrier, H.[Harikrishna] Co Author Listing * Patch Embedding as Local Features: Unifying Deep Local and Global Features via Vision Transformer for Image Retrieval

Warrington, J. Co Author Listing * Bag-of-shapes descriptor for medical imaging, A
* Dynamic Vehicle Redistribution and Online Price Incentives in Shared Mobility Systems
* Unsupervised shape discovery using synchronized spectral networks
Includes: Warrington, J. Warrington, J.[James]

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