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Vard, A.R.[Ali Reza] Co Author Listing * Small object detection in cluttered image using a correlation based active contour model
* Texture-based parametric active contour for target detection and tracking
Includes: Vard, A.R.[Ali Reza] Vard, A.R.[Ali-Reza]

Vardag, S.N.[Sanam Noreen] Co Author Listing * Private Vehicles Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimation at Street Level for Berlin Based on Open Data

Vardakas, J.S.[John S.] Co Author Listing * SCHE2MA: Scalable, Energy-Aware, Multidomain Orchestration for Beyond-5G URLLC Services

Vardanega, J.[Justin] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Classification of Nine Perennial Crops Using Sentinel-1 and -2 Data

Vardavas, I.[Ilias] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of CLARA-A2 and ISCCP-H Cloud Cover Climate Data Records over Europe with ECA&D Ground-Based Measurements

Vardavoulia, M.I. Co Author Listing * Morphological Colour Image Segmentation
* new approach to morphological color image processing, A
* new vector median filter for colour image processing, A

Vardeman, S. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Context for Statistical Classification of Multispectral Image Data

Vardeman, S.B.[Stephen B.] Co Author Listing * Contextual Classification of Multipsectral Image Data

Vardhan, A.[Anand] Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of a Robust Palm Biometrics Recognition and Verification System

Vardhan, A.H. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised approach for object matching using Speeded Up Robust Features

Vardhanabhuti, V.[Varut] Co Author Listing * DRONE: Dual-Domain Residual-based Optimization NEtwork for Sparse-View CT Reconstruction

Vardi, A. Co Author Listing * Binary Tomography on the Hexagonal Grid Using Gibbs Priors

Vardi, B.[Ben] Co Author Listing * Jigsaw Puzzle Solving as a Consistent Labeling Problem

Vardi, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic MR-PET Registration Algorithm
* Discrete Radon-Transform and Its Approximate Inversion via the EM Algorithm
* Efficient Illumination Normalization of Facial Images
* Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction for Emission Tomography
* Metrics useful in network tomography studies
* Mixed Group Ranks: Preference and Confidence in Classifier Combination
* Statistical Tracking in Video Traffic Surveillance
Includes: Vardi, Y. Vardi, Y.[Yehuda]
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Vardoulis, O. Co Author Listing * Improved Variational Denoising of Flow Fields with Application to Phase-Contrast MRI Data

Varduni, T.V.[Tatiana V.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Invasive and Weed Species by Hyperspectral Imagery in Agrocenoses Ecosystem

Vardy, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Visual Homing for Commodity UAVs
* Accelerated Patch Sorting by a Robotic Swarm
* Developing a Cubature Multi-state Constraint Kalman Filter for Visual-Inertial Navigation System
* Lasso Method for Multi-Robot Foraging, The
* Towards AUV Route Following Using Qualitative Navigation
Includes: Vardy, A. Vardy, A.[Andrew]

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