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Tziolas, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * Earth Observation Data-Driven Cropland Soil Monitoring: A Review
* Employing a Multi-Input Deep Convolutional Neural Network to Derive Soil Clay Content from a Synergy of Multi-Temporal Optical and Radar Imagery Data
* Improved Estimations of Nitrate and Sediment Concentrations Based on SWAT Simulations and Annual Updated Land Cover Products from a Deep Learning Classification Algorithm
* On-Site Soil Monitoring Using Photonics-Based Sensors and Historical Soil Spectral Libraries
* Remote Sensing Techniques for Soil Organic Carbon Estimation: A Review
* Synergistic Use of Earth Observation Driven Techniques to Support the Implementation of Water Framework Directive in Europe: A Review

Tzionas, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation via Intuitive Physics
* 3D Object Reconstruction from Hand-Object Interactions
* Accurate 3D Body Shape Regression using Metric and Semantic Attributes
* ARCTIC: A Dataset for Dexterous Bimanual Hand-Object Manipulation
* Capturing Hand Motion with an RGB-D Sensor, Fusing a Generative Model with Salient Points
* Capturing Hands in Action Using Discriminative Salient Points and Physics Simulation
* Collaborative Regression of Expressive Bodies using Moderation
* Comparison of Directional Distances for Hand Pose Estimation, A
* Detecting Human-Object Contact in Images
* ECON: Explicit Clothed humans Optimized via Normal integration
* Expressive Body Capture: 3D Hands, Face, and Body From a Single Image
* GOAL: Generating 4D Whole-Body Motion for Hand-Object Grasping
* Grab: A Dataset of Whole-body Human Grasping of Objects
* Human-Aware Object Placement for Visual Environment Reconstruction
* ICON: Implicit Clothed humans Obtained from Normals
* Learning Joint Reconstruction of Hands and Manipulated Objects
* Learning Multi-human Optical Flow
* Learning to Train with Synthetic Humans
* Monocular Expressive Body Regression Through Body-Driven Attention
* Populating 3D Scenes by Learning Human-Scene Interaction
* Reconstructing Articulated Rigged Models from RGB-D Videos
* Reconstructing Signing Avatars from Video Using Linguistic Priors
* Resolving 3D Human Pose Ambiguities With 3D Scene Constraints
* SUPR: A Sparse Unified Part-Based Human Representation
Includes: Tzionas, D.[Dimitrios] Tzionas, D.
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Tzionas, P.[Panagiotis] Co Author Listing * Cellular Automaton Processor for Line and Corner Detection in Gray-Scale Images, A
* Cellular-Automaton for the Determination of the Mean Velocity of Moving-Objects and Its VLSI Implementation, A
* Efficient Algorithm for the Largest Empty Figure Problem-Based on a 2D Cellular-Automaton Architecture, An
* New Hardware Module for Automated Visual Inspection Based on a Cellular-Automaton Architecture, A
Includes: Tzionas, P.[Panagiotis] Tzionas, P.

Tzioras, I.[Ilias] Co Author Listing * Ants: From History of Science to Future of Science

Tziortzios, T. Co Author Listing * High throughput and energy efficient twodimensional inverse discrete cosine transform architecture

Tziotzios, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Non-Destructive Early Detection and Quantitative Severity Stage Classification of Tomato Chlorosis Virus (ToCV) Infection in Young Tomato Plants Using Vis-NIR Spectroscopy

Tzioutzios, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Multi-Criteria Evaluation (MCE) Method for the Management of Woodland Plantations in Floodplain Areas

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