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Trigano, T. Co Author Listing * Fast background removal of JPEG images based on HSV polygonal cuts for a foot scanner device
* Fast Digital Filtering of Spectrometric Data for Pile-up Correction
* Intensity Estimation of Spectroscopic Signals With an Improved Sparse Reconstruction Algorithm
* Pileup Correction Algorithm using an Iterated Sparse Reconstruction Method

Trigeassou, J.C. Co Author Listing * Transients of fractional-order integrator and derivatives

Trigeorgis, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Morphable Models In-the-Wild
* 3D Menpo Facial Landmark Tracking Challenge, The
* Adaptive cascaded regression
* Deep and Deformable: Convolutional Mixtures of Deformable Part-Based Models
* Deep Canonical Time Warping
* Deep Canonical Time Warping for Simultaneous Alignment and Representation Learning of Sequences
* Deep Matrix Factorization Method for Learning Attribute Representations, A
* DenseReg: Fully Convolutional Dense Shape Regression In-the-Wild
* Face Normals In-the-Wild Using Fully Convolutional Networks
* Joint Multi-View Face Alignment in the Wild
* Menpo Facial Landmark Localisation Challenge: A Step Towards the Solution, The
* MimicME: A Large Scale Diverse 4D Database for Facial Expression Analysis
Includes: Trigeorgis, G. Trigeorgis, G.[George]
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Trigg, R.H.[Randall H.] Co Author Listing * System for searching a corpus of document images by user specified document layout components

Triggs, B.[Bill] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Triggs, B.[Bill]: Bill Triggs AT inrialpes fr
* 3D human pose from silhouettes by relevance vector regression
* Achieving Dextrous Grasping by Integrating Planning and Vision-Based Sensing
* Autocalibration and the Absolute Quadric
* Autocalibration from planar scenes
* Building Roadmaps of Local Minima of Visual Models
* Building Roadmaps of Minima and Transitions in Visual Models
* Bundle Adjustment: A Modern Synthesis
* Covariance Scaled Sampling for Monocular 3D Body Tracking
* Creating Efficient Codebooks for Visual Recognition
* Critical Motions for Auto-Calibration When Some Intrinsic Parameters Can Vary
* Critical Motions in Euclidean Structure from Motion
* Differential Matching Constraints
* Editorial: Selection of Marr Prize Papers at ICCV'03
* Efficient object detection using cascades of nearest convex model classifiers
* Empirical Filter Estimation for Subpixel Interpolation and Matching
* Enhanced Local Texture Feature Sets for Face Recognition Under Difficult Lighting Conditions
* Epipolar Constraints for Multiscale Matching
* Face and landmark detection by using cascade of classifiers
* Face recognition based on image sets
* Face Recognition Based on Videos by Using Convex Hulls
* Factorization Based Algorithm for Multi-Image Projective Structure and Motion, A
* Factorization Methods for Projective Structure and Motion
* Fast mixing hyperdynamic sampling
* Fast semantic scene segmentation with conditional random field
* Feature Sets and Dimensionality Reduction for Visual Object Detection
* Fusing Gabor and LBP Feature Sets for Kernel-Based Face Recognition
* Hierarchical Part-Based Visual Object Categorization
* Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Human Detection
* Human Detection Using Oriented Histograms of Flow and Appearance
* Hyperdisk based large margin classifier
* Hyperdynamics Importance Sampling
* Hyperfeatures: Multilevel Local Coding for Visual Recognition
* Joint Feature Distributions for Image Correspondence
* Kinematic jump processes for monocular 3D human tracking
* Large margin classifiers based on convex class models
* Learning to Parse Pictures of People
* Linear Projective Reconstruction from Matching Tensors
* Local Basis Representation for Estimating Human Pose from Cluttered Images, A
* Margin-based discriminant dimensionality reduction for visual recognition
* Matching Constraints and the Joint Image
* Monocular Human Motion Capture with a Mixture of Regressors
* Multilevel Image Coding with Hyperfeatures
* Multiscale Keypoint Analysis based on Complex Wavelets
* On the Absolute Quadratic Complex and Its Application to Autocalibration
* Optimal Estimation of Matching Constraints
* Panel Session on Computations and Algorithms
* Plane + Parallax, Tensors, and Factorization
* Polyhedral Conic Classifiers for Visual Object Detection and Classification
* Recovering 3D Human Pose from Monocular Images
* Region Classification with Markov Field Aspect Models
* Robust Multiple Hypothesis Approach to Monocular Human Motion Tracking, A
* Sampling Strategies for Bag-of-Features Image Classification
* SAR-Based Terrain Classification Using Weakly Supervised Hierarchical Markov Aspect Models
* Shape Representation and Recovery Camera Pose and Calibration from 4 or 5 Known 3D Points
* Some Results on Minimal Euclidean Reconstruction from Four Points
* Special Issue on Probabilistic Models for Image Understanding
* Special Issue on Probabilistic Models for Image Understanding, Part II
* Tracking Articulated Motion Using a Mixture of Autoregressive Models
* Visual Object Detection Using Cascades of Binary and One-Class Classifiers
* Visual Recognition Using Local Quantized Patterns
Includes: Triggs, B.[Bill] Triggs, B.
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Trigila, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * IdroGEO: A Collaborative Web Mapping Application Based on REST API Services and Open Data on Landslides and Floods in Italy

Trigila, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * Distributional barycenter problem through data-driven flows

Triginer, G.[Gil] Co Author Listing * H3D-Net: Few-Shot High-Fidelity 3D Head Reconstruction
* Photorealistic Facial Wrinkles Removal
* SIRA: Relightable Avatars from a Single Image

Trigkakis, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Automated Geolocation in Urban Environments Using a Simple Camera-Equipped Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: A Rapid Mapping Surveying Alternative?
* Novel UAV-Assisted Positioning System for GNSS-Denied Environments, A

Triglav Cekada, M.[Mihaela] Co Author Listing * Simplified Analytical Model for a-priori Lidar Pointpositioning Error Estimation and a Review of Lidar Error Sources, A
Includes: Triglav Cekada, M.[Mihaela] Triglav-Cekada, M.[Mihaela]

Triglia, M. Co Author Listing * ARCHIMEDE: The first European diagnostic train for global monitoring of railway infrastructure

Trigo, I.[Isabel] Co Author Listing * Meteosat Land Surface Temperature Climate Data Record: Achievable Accuracy and Potential Uncertainties
* New Retrieval Algorithm for Soil Moisture Index from Thermal Infrared Sensor On-Board Geostationary Satellites over Europe and Africa and Its Validation, A

Trigo, I.F.[Isabel F.] Co Author Listing * All-Weather Land Surface Temperature Product Based on MSG/SEVIRI Observations, An
* Cold Bias of ERA5 Summertime Daily Maximum Land Surface Temperature over Iberian Peninsula
* Comprehensive Clear-Sky Database for the Development of Land Surface Temperature Algorithms, A
* Contribution of Land Surface Temperature (TCI) to Vegetation Health Index: A Comparative Study Using Clear Sky and All-Weather Climate Data Records
* deep learning approach for mapping and dating burned areas using temporal sequences of satellite images, A
* Downscaling Meteosat Land Surface Temperature over a Heterogeneous Landscape Using a Data Assimilation Approach
* Evaluation of Two Global Land Surface Albedo Datasets Distributed by the Copernicus Climate Change Service and the EUMETSAT LSA-SAF
* Google Earth Engine Open-Source Code for Land Surface Temperature Estimation from the Landsat Series
* Improving Land Surface Temperature Retrievals over Mountainous Regions
* Integrating Reanalysis and Satellite Cloud Information to Estimate Surface Downward Long-Wave Radiation
* Land Surface Albedo Derived on a Ten Daily Basis from Meteosat Second Generation Observations: The NRT and Climate Data Record Collections from the EUMETSAT LSA SAF
* Long Term Validation of Land Surface Temperature Retrieved from MSG/SEVIRI with Continuous in-Situ Measurements in Africa
* Methodology to Simulate LST Directional Effects Based on Parametric Models and Landscape Properties, A
* Modelling of Wine Production Using Land Surface Temperature and FAPAR: The Case of the Douro Wine Region
* Monitoring Heat Extremes across Central Europe Using Land Surface Temperature Data Records from SEVIRI/MSG
* Multisensor Thermal Infrared and Microwave Land Surface Temperature Algorithm Intercomparison
* new East African satellite data validation station: Performance of the LSA-SAF all-weather land surface temperature product over a savannah biome, A
* Physically Constrained Calibration Database for Land Surface Temperature Using Infrared Retrieval Algorithms, A
* Practical Method for High-Resolution Burned Area Monitoring Using Sentinel-2 and VIIRS, A
* Quality Assessment of S-NPP VIIRS Land Surface Temperature Product
* Satellite and In Situ Observations for Advancing Global Earth Surface Modelling: A Review
* Satellite Retrieval of Downwelling Shortwave Surface Flux and Diffuse Fraction under All Sky Conditions in the Framework of the LSA SAF Program (Part 1: Methodology)
* Satellite Retrieval of Downwelling Shortwave Surface Flux and Diffuse Fraction under All Sky Conditions in the Framework of the LSA SAF Program (Part 2: Evaluation)
* Surface Albedo Retrieval from 40-Years of Earth Observations through the EUMETSAT/LSA SAF and EU/C3S Programmes: The Versatile Algorithm of PYALUS
* Validation and consistency assessment of land surface temperature from geostationary and polar orbit platforms: SEVIRI/MSG and AVHRR/Metop
Includes: Trigo, I.F.[Isabel F.] Trigo, I.F.
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Trigo, R.M.[Ricardo M.] Co Author Listing * deep learning approach for mapping and dating burned areas using temporal sequences of satellite images, A
* Drought Impacts on Vegetation in Southeastern Europe
* Practical Method for High-Resolution Burned Area Monitoring Using Sentinel-2 and VIIRS, A

Trigoni, N.[Niki] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Reconstruction from a Single Depth View with Adversarial Learning
* 3DMiner: Discovering Shapes from Large-Scale Unannotated Image Datasets
* Dense 3D Object Reconstruction from a Single Depth View
* Distilling Knowledge From a Deep Pose Regressor Network
* Efficient Data Propagation in Traffic-Monitoring Vehicular Networks
* Illumination-Aware Hallucination-Based Domain Adaptation for Thermal Pedestrian Detection
* Learning 3D Scene Semantics and Structure from a Single Depth Image
* Learning Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale Point Clouds With Random Sampling
* Meta-sampler: Almost-Universal yet Task-Oriented Sampling for Point Clouds
* Neighbor-Aided Localization in Vehicular Networks
* No Pain, Big Gain: Classify Dynamic Point Cloud Sequences with Static Models by Fitting Feature-level Space-time Surfaces
* P2-Net: Joint Description and Detection of Local Features for Pixel and Point Matching
* RandLA-Net: Efficient Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale Point Clouds
* Robust Attentional Aggregation of Deep Feature Sets for Multi-view 3D Reconstruction
* Selective Sensor Fusion for Neural Visual-Inertial Odometry
* Semantic Place Understanding for Human-Robot Coexistence: Toward Intelligent Workplaces
* SensatUrban: Learning Semantics from Urban-Scale Photogrammetric Point Clouds
* SQN: Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale 3D Point Clouds
* Towards Semantic Segmentation of Urban-Scale 3D Point Clouds: A Dataset, Benchmarks and Challenges
* Underground Incrementally Deployed Magneto-Inductive 3-D Positioning Network
* VidLoc: A Deep Spatio-Temporal Model for 6-DoF Video-Clip Relocalization
* Visual SLAM and Structure from Motion in Dynamic Environments: A Survey
Includes: Trigoni, N.[Niki] Trigoni, N.
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Trigonis, I. Co Author Listing * Depth Cameras On UAVS: A First Approach

Trigoso, D.I.[Daniel Iliquin] Co Author Listing * Land Suitability for Coffee (Coffea arabica) Growing in Amazonas, Peru: Integrated Use of AHP, GIS and RS
* Land Suitability for Sustainable Aquaculture of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Molinopampa (Peru) Based on RS, GIS, and AHP
Includes: Trigoso, D.I.[Daniel Iliquin] Trigoso, D.I.[Daniel Iliquín]

Triguero, I.[Isaac] Co Author Listing * Differential evolution for optimizing the positioning of prototypes in nearest neighbor classification
* Fast fingerprint identification for large databases
* Integrating Instance Selection, Instance Weighting, and Feature Weighting for Nearest Neighbor Classifiers by Coevolutionary Algorithms
* Labelling strategies for hierarchical multi-label classification techniques
* Taxonomy and Experimental Study on Prototype Generation for Nearest Neighbor Classification, A
Includes: Triguero, I.[Isaac] Triguero, I.

Trigueros, D.S.[Daniel Saez] Co Author Listing * Enhancing convolutional neural networks for face recognition with occlusion maps and batch triplet loss
Includes: Trigueros, D.S.[Daniel Saez] Trigueros, D.S.[Daniel Sáez]

Trigui, R.[Rania] Co Author Listing * Comparison of GWO-SVM and Random Forest Classifiers in a LevelSet based approach for Bladder wall segmentation and characterisation using MR images

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