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Tokuda, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Computer generated images vs. digital photographs: A synergetic feature and classifier combination approach

Tokuda, E.K.[Eric K.] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Benchmark Analysis of Single Image Deraining: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives, A
* Exposing computer generated images by using deep convolutional neural networks
* Novel Semi-Supervised Detection Approach with Weak Annotation, A
* Single Image Deraining: A Comprehensive Benchmark Analysis
Includes: Tokuda, E.K.[Eric K.] Tokuda, E.K.

Tokuda, K.[Keiichi] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Image Recognition Based on Separable Lattice Hidden Markov Models, A
* Extension of Separable Lattice 2-D HMMs for Rotational Data Variations, An
* Fundamental Technologies in Modern Speech Recognition
* Image Modeling Using Two Dimensional Exponential Systems
* Image Recognition Based on Separable Lattice Trajectory 2-D HMMs
* Location Normalization of HMM-Based Lip Reading: Experiments for the M2VTS Database
* Normalized Training for HMM-based Visual Speech Recognition
* Speech Synthesis Based on Hidden Markov Models
* Vehicle control algorithms for cooperative driving with automated vehicles and intervehicle communications
Includes: Tokuda, K.[Keiichi] Tokuda, K.
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Tokuda, N.[Naoya] Co Author Listing * Worker Behavior and Intension Modeling in Production Process

Tokuda, T. Co Author Listing * Implantable Microimaging Device for Observing Brain Activities of Rodents

Tokuhiro, A. Co Author Listing * Image measurement of body position during side-approach transfer motion

Tokumaru, M.[Masataka] Co Author Listing * Character Design Generation System Using Multiple Users' Gaze Information
* Robot Model That Obeys a Norm of a Human Group by Participating in the Group and Interacting with Its Members, A

Tokumori, K. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Monochromatic X-Ray Computed-Tomography Using Synchrotron-Radiation

Tokunaga, D.M.[Daniel M.] Co Author Listing * Mutual occlusion between real and virtual elements in Augmented Reality based on fiducial markers

Tokunaga, H.[Hiroki] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Weighting Multi-Field-Of-View CNN for Semantic Segmentation in Pathology
* Negative Pseudo Labeling Using Class Proportion for Semantic Segmentation in Pathology

Tokunaga, M. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Debilitated Trees Along the Road By Blocked NDVI
* Preliminary Estimation On Pointing Accuracy Of Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite-1 (michibiki) L1-saif

Tokunaga, R.[Rumi] Co Author Listing * Oxygen Saturation Estimation Based on Optimal Band Selection from Multi-band Video

Tokunaga, T. Co Author Listing * method of real-time recognition of moving objects and its application, A

Tokuno, J. Co Author Listing * Context-dependent substroke model for HMM-based on-line handwriting recognition
* Pen-Coordinate Information Modeling by SCPR-based HMM for On-line Japanese Handwriting Recognition
* Recent Results of Online Japanese Handwriting Recognition and Its Applications
* Segmentation of On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Using SVM for Improving Text Recognition
Includes: Tokuno, J. Tokuno, J.[Junko]

Tokuta, A.[Alade] Co Author Listing * Counting and Classification of Highway Vehicles by Regression Analysis
* experimental study of pupil constriction for liveness detection, An
* Multiscale spatially regularised correlation filters for visual tracking
* Performance Comparison between Circular and Spline-Based Methods for Iris Segmentation, A
Includes: Tokuta, A.[Alade] Tokuta, A.

Tokutake, Y. Co Author Listing * Retrieval of Polarimetric Azimuthal Angular Characteristics via the Application of Target Decomposition to Spectral Domain Circular SAR Images

Tokuyama, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for computing the maximum weight region decomposable into elementary shapes
* Combinatorial and Geometric Problems Related to Digital Halftoning
* Discrepancy-Based Digital Halftoning: Automatic Evaluation and Optimization
* Distance interior ratio: A new shape signature for 2D shape retrieval

Tokuyasu, T. Co Author Listing * Optical Character-Recognition and Parsing of Typeset Mathematics

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