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Sze To, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * tCheXNet: Detecting Pneumothorax on Chest X-Ray Images Using Deep Transfer Learning
* Weight-Selection Strategy on Training Deep Neural Networks for Imbalanced Classification, A
Includes: Sze To, A.[Antonio] Sze-To, A.[Antonio]

Sze, C.J. Co Author Listing * Dyadic Wavelet-based Nonlinear Conduction Equation: Theory and Applications
* Fractal Image-Coding System Based on an Adaptive Side-Coupling Quadtree Structure
* Multiscale edge detection via normal changes
* Multiscale Edge-Detection on Range Images Via Normal Changes
* new image flux conduction model and its application to selective image smoothing, A
Includes: Sze, C.J. Sze, C.J.[Chwen-Jye]

Sze, C.K. Co Author Listing * Wavelet algorithms for deblurring models

Sze, G. Co Author Listing * Image Reconstruction Algorithm for 3-D Electrical Impedance Mammography, An

Sze, K.N.[Kenton N.] Co Author Listing * Superresolution image reconstruction from blurred observations by multisensors

Sze, K.R.[Kin Rai] Co Author Listing * Scene cut detection using the colored pattern appearance model
Includes: Sze, K.R.[Kin Rai] Sze, K.R.[Kin-Rai]

Sze, K.W. Co Author Listing * New Key Frame Representation for Video Segment Retrieval, A

Sze, L. Co Author Listing * Branch and Bound Algorithm for the Bayes Classifier

Sze, L.T.[Lim Tien] Co Author Listing * PC-based orientation sensing using 9-DOF strapdown inertial measurement unit, A

Sze, R.W.[Raymond W.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Symbolic Signatures for Classifying Craniosynostosis Skull Deformities
* Symbolic Signatures for Deformable Shapes

Sze, T.W. Co Author Listing * Congruence Conditions for Nonplanar Developable Surfaces and Their Application to Surface Recognition
* Goal Directed Segmentation
* image moment method for the limited range CT image reconstruction and pattern recognition, The
* Simple Contour Matching Algorithm, A

Sze, V.[Vivienne] Co Author Listing * 2014 Mbin/s deeply pipelined CABAC decoder for HEVC, A
* Deeply Pipelined CABAC Decoder for HEVC Supporting Level 6.2 High-Tier Applications, A
* Depth Estimation of Non-Rigid Objects for Time-Of-Flight Imaging
* Designing Energy-Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks Using Energy-Aware Pruning
* Efficient Processing of Deep Neural Networks: A Tutorial and Survey
* Enabling Saccade Latency Measurements with Consumer-Grade Cameras
* Energy and area-efficient hardware implementation of HEVC inverse transform and dequantization
* FAST: A Framework to Accelerate Super-Resolution Processing on Compressed Videos
* Hardware-aware motion estimation search algorithm development for high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) standard
* HEVC ALF decode complexity analysis and reduction
* high throughput CABAC algorithm using syntax element partitioning, A
* High Throughput CABAC Entropy Coding in HEVC
* Introduction to the Special Issue on HEVC Extensions and Efficient HEVC Implementations
* Low Power Adaptive Time-of-Flight Imaging for Multiple Rigid Objects
* Low power depth estimation for time-of-flight imaging
* Low Power Depth Estimation of Rigid Objects for Time-of-Flight Imaging
* Memory cost vs. coding efficiency trade-offs for HEVC motion estimation engine
* Multicore Processing and Efficient On-Chip Caching for H.264 and Future Video Decoders
* NetAdapt: Platform-Aware Neural Network Adaptation for Mobile Applications
* NetAdaptV2: Efficient Neural Architecture Search with Fast Super-Network Training and Architecture Optimization
* Parallel CABAC for low power video coding
* Rotate intra block copy for still image coding
* Unified forward+inverse transform architecture for HEVC
Includes: Sze, V.[Vivienne] Sze, V.
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Sze, W.[Waito] Co Author Listing * E-LAMP: integration of innovative ideas for multimedia event detection

Sze, W.F. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Approach for Fast and Robust Ellipse Extraction, A
* Reconstruction from Plane Mirror Reflection
* Shape Recovery from Turntable Image Sequence
* Shape Recovery from Turntable Sequence Using Rim Reconstruction

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