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Switala, A. Co Author Listing * 3D shape analysis of the brain cortex with application to dyslexia
* Dyslexia diagnostics by 3D texture analysis of cerebral white matter gyrifications
* New CAD System for Early Diagnosis of Dyslexic Brains, A
* new deep-learning approach for early detection of shape variations in autism using structural mri, A
* novel automatic segmentation of healthy and diseased retinal layers from OCT scans, A
* Towards Personalized Autism Diagnosis: Promising Results

Switala, A.E.[Andrew E.] Co Author Listing * Dyslexia Diagnostics by Centerline-Based Shape Analysis of the Corpus Callosum
* Image-based detection of Corpus Callosum variability for more accurate discrimination between autistic and normal brains

Switonski, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Classification of Poses and Movement Phases
* Detection of Tumor Tissue Based on the Multispectral Imaging
* DTW-Based Gait Recognition from Recovered 3-D Joint Angles and Inter-ankle Distance
* Estimation System for Forces and Torques in a Biped Motion
* Gait Identification Based on MPCA Reduction of a Video Recordings Data
* Gait recognition based on marker-less 3D motion capture
* Gait recognition on the basis of markerless motion tracking and DTW transform
* Human Identification Based on Gait Paths
* Matlab Based Interactive Simulation Program for 2D Multisegment Mechanical Systems
* Spectrum Evaluation on Multispectral Images by Machine Learning Techniques
* View Independent Human Gait Recognition Using Markerless 3D Human Motion Capture
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Switzer, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Automatic counting of chickens in confined area using the LCFCN algorithm

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