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Suttapak, W.[Wattanapong] Co Author Listing * Thai sign language translation using Scale Invariant Feature Transform and Hidden Markov Models

Sutter, A.[Anne] Co Author Listing * Spatial Frequency Channels and Perceptual Grouping in Texture Segregation

Sutter, E.[Ekaterina] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Video Understanding by Reconciliation of Posture Similarities
* Variational U-Net for Conditional Appearance and Shape Generation, A

Sutter, E.G. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Cone-Beam Tomographic Reconstruction: Incorporation of Prior Anatomical Models to Compensate for Missing Data

Sutter, L.A.[Lori A.] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Surface and Subsurface Soil Organic Carbon in Tidal Wetlands: A Review and Ideas for Future Research

Sutter, T.M.[Thomas M.] Co Author Listing * Self-supervised Disentanglement of Modality-Specific and Shared Factors Improves Multimodal Generative Models

Sutterley, T.C.[Tyler C.] Co Author Listing * Automated Dynamic Mascon Generation for GRACE and GRACE-FO Harmonic Processing
* Improved Estimates of Geocenter Variability from Time-Variable Gravity and Ocean Model Outputs
* Mass Balance of Novaya Zemlya Archipelago, Russian High Arctic, Using Time-Variable Gravity from GRACE and Altimetry Data from ICESat and CryoSat-2
Includes: Sutterley, T.C.[Tyler C.] Sutterley, T.C.[Tyler Clark]

Sutterlin, M.[Melanie] Co Author Listing * Daytime Low Stratiform Cloud Detection on AVHRR Imagery
* Multisensor Approach to Global Retrievals of Land Surface Albedo, A
Includes: Sutterlin, M.[Melanie] Sütterlin, M.[Melanie] (Maybe also Suetterlin, M.)

Sutthivanich, I. Co Author Listing * Desertification Assessment Using Medalus Model In Upper Lamchiengkrai Watershed, Thailand

Sutthiwan, P.[Patchara] Co Author Listing * Anti-Forensics of Double JPEG Compression Detection
* Computer graphics classification based on Markov process model and boosting feature selection technique
* Enhanced EM algorithm using maximum entropy distribution as initial condition, An
* Enhanced Statistical Approach to Identifying Photorealistic Images, An
* Non-uniform Quantization in Breaking HUGO
* Variable Multi-dimensional Co-occurrence for Steganalysis

Sutthiwichaiporn, P.[Prawit] Co Author Listing * Adaptive boosted spectral filtering for progressive fingerprint enhancement
* Iterative Fingerprint Enhancement with Matched Filtering and Quality Diffusion in Spatial-Frequency Domain

Sutto, J.C. Co Author Listing * Pattern analysis for autonomous vehicles with the region- and feature-based neural network: global self-localization and traffic sign recognition

Sutton, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Accuracy of Landsat Vegetation Fractional Cover for Monitoring Australian Drylands

Sutton, A.J.[Andrew J.] Co Author Listing * Absolute Frequency Readout of Cavity against Atomic Reference

Sutton, B.P. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Decomposition of Fat and Water in MRI
* Conjugate Phase MRI Reconstruction With Spatially Variant Sample Density Correction
* Fast, iterative image reconstruction for MRI in the presence of field inhomogeneities
* Including Spatial Information in Nonlinear Inversion MR Elastography Using Soft Prior Regularization
* Joint Estimation and Correction of Geometric Distortions for EPI Functional MRI Using Harmonic Retrieval
* K-Space and Image-Space Combination for Motion-Induced Phase-Error Correction in Self-Navigated Multicoil Multishot DWI
* Min-max Approach to the Multidimensional Nonuniform FFT: Application to Tomographic Image Reconstruction, A
* Motion-Induced Phase Error Estimation and Correction in 3D Diffusion Tensor Imaging
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Sutton, D. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of real time stereo vision system using web cameras

Sutton, E. Co Author Listing * Computed tomography guided laparoscopy: Proof of concept
* Endoscopic Video Texture Mapping on Pre-Built 3-D Anatomical Objects Without Camera Tracking
* High resolution ionospheric tomography through orthogonal decomposition
* new iterative algorithm for ionospheric tomography, A
* Static tomographic reconstruction of the time varying ionosphere
* Time-Varying Reconstruction of the Ionosphere: 1. The Algorithm
* Time-Varying Reconstruction of the Ionosphere: 2. Data Source Analysis
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Sutton, H.[Hope] Co Author Listing * Distribution Pattern of Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Dens and Spatial Relationships with Sea Turtle Nests, Recreation, and Environmental Characteristics

Sutton, J.E.[Joseph E.] Co Author Listing * Time Series Intra-Video Collusion Attack on Frame-by-Frame Video Watermarking, A

Sutton, J.P. Co Author Listing * Network of Networks Processing Model for Image Regularization, A

Sutton, J.R.P.[Jessica R. P.] Co Author Listing * Comparing Precipitation during Typhoons in the Western North Pacific Using Satellite and In Situ Observations
* Comparison and Bias Correction of TMPA Precipitation Products over the Lower Part of Red-Thai Binh River Basin of Vietnam
* From Space to the Rocky Intertidal: Using NASA MODIS Sea Surface Temperature and NOAA Water Temperature to Predict Intertidal Logger Temperature

Sutton, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * One size does not fit all: multimodal search on mobile and desktop devices with the I-SEARCH search engine

Sutton, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Phase retrieval by propagation for localized images

Sutton, M.A. Co Author Listing * Application of an Optimized Digital Correlation Method to Planar Deformation Analysis
* Determination of Displacements Using an Improved Digital Correlation Method
* Function from Visual Analysis and Physical Interaction: A Methodology for Recognition of Generic Classes of Objects
* Function from Visual Analysis and Physical Interaction: A Methodology for Recognition of Generic Classes of Objects
* GRUFF-3: Generalizing the Domain of a Function-Based Recognition System
* Image Correlation for Shape, Motion and Deformation Measurements Basic Concepts,Theory and Applications
* Improved 3-Dimensional Image Correlation for Surface Displacement Measurement
* Improved Digital Image Processing Techniques to Investigate Plastic Zone Formation in Steel
* Multiresolution-Based Segmentation of Calcifications for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer
Includes: Sutton, M.A. Sutton, M.A.[Melanie A.] Sutton, M.A.[Michael A.]
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Sutton, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Aladdin's Magic Lamp: Active Target Calibration of the DMSP OLS
* Can Nighttime Satellite Imagery Inform Our Understanding of Education Inequality?
* Comparing Three Approaches of Evapotranspiration Estimation in Mixed Urban Vegetation: Field-Based, Remote Sensing-Based and Observational-Based Methods
* Estimation and Mapping of Sub-National GDP in Uganda Using NPP-VIIRS Imagery

Sutton, P.C.[Paul C.] Co Author Listing * Global Mapping of GDP at 1 km2 Using VIIRS Nighttime Satellite Imagery
* VIIRS Day/Night Band: A Flicker Meter in Space?, The

Sutton, R. Co Author Listing * Automated flexion crease identification using internal image seams
* Fitting multiple projective models using clustering-based Markov chain Monte Carlo inference
Includes: Sutton, R. Sutton, R.[Robert]

Sutton, R.N. Co Author Listing * Texture Measures for Automatic Classification of Pulmonary Disease

Sutton, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Methods and devices for producing and using synthetic visual speech based on natural coarticulation

Sutton, S.S.[Sarah S.] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Regional Digital Elevation Models and Derived Products from MESSENGER MDIS Images
* Revealing Active Mars with HiRISE Digital Terrain Models

Sutton, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * openModeller: A Generic Approach to Species' Potential Distribution modelling

Suttorp Schulten, M.S.A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Red Lesions in Digital Color Fundus Photographs
Includes: Suttorp Schulten, M.S.A. Suttorp-Schulten, M.S.A.

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