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Spyra, W.J.T. Co Author Listing * System for analyzing high-resolution three-dimensional coronary angiograms

Spyrakos, E.[Evangelos] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction Performance of Hyperspectral Airborne Imagery over a Small Eutrophic Lake under Changing Cloud Cover
* Characterising retrieval uncertainty of chlorophyll-a algorithms in oligotrophic and mesotrophic lakes and reservoirs
* Investigating the Backscatter of Marine Plastic Litter Using a C- and X-Band Ground Radar, during a Measurement Campaign in Deltares
* Machine Learning Methods Applied to the Prediction of Pseudo-nitzschia spp. Blooms in the Galician Rias Baixas (NW Spain)
* Meta-classification of remote sensing reflectance to estimate trophic status of inland and nearshore waters
* Monitoring of Plastic Islands in River Environment Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data

Spyridakos, P.D.[Panagiotis D.] Co Author Listing * Behavioural validity of driving simulators for prototype HMI evaluation

Spyridonos, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification System of Urine Bladder Tumors Employing Morphological and Textural Nuclear Features, An
* Automatic Detection of Intestinal Juices in Wireless Capsule Video Endoscopy
* Automatic Microarray Image Gridding Technique Based on Continuous Wavelet Transform, An
* Integration of Expert Knowledge and Image Analysis Techniques for Medical Diagnosis
* Intestinal Motility Assessment With Video Capsule Endoscopy: Automatic Annotation of Phasic Intestinal Contractions
* Linear Radial Patterns Characterization for Automatic Detection of Tonic Intestinal Contractions
* Machine Learning Framework Using SOMs: Applications in the Intestinal Motility Assessment, A
* Multi-Threshold LIP Contour Detection
Includes: Spyridonos, P. Spyridonos, P.[Panagiota]
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Spyromitros Xioufis, E. Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Study Over VLAD and Product Quantization in Large-Scale Image Retrieval, A
* hackAIR: Towards Raising Awareness about Air Quality in Europe by Developing a Collective Online Platform
* Twitter-Based Sensing of City-Level Air Quality
Includes: Spyromitros Xioufis, E. Spyromitros-Xioufis, E. Spyromitros-Xioufis, E.[Eleftherios]

Spyropoulos, A.[Aristotle] Co Author Listing * Correctness Prediction, Accuracy Improvement and Generalization of Stereo Matching Using Supervised Learning
* Learning to Detect Ground Control Points for Improving the Accuracy of Stereo Matching

Spyropoulou, E.[Eirini] Co Author Listing * SuMoTED: An intuitive edit distance between rooted unordered uniquely-labelled trees

Spyropoulou, I.[Ioanna] Co Author Listing * Assessment of positioning accuracy of vehicle trajectories for different road applications
* Determinants of driver response to variable message sign information in Athens
* Methodological development of a specific tool for assessing acceptability of assistive systems of powered two-wheeler-riders
* Powered-two-wheelers and smart cities: the case of variable message signs
Includes: Spyropoulou, I.[Ioanna] Spyropoulou, I.

Spyrou, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Assessing Sea-State Effects on Sea-Salt Aerosol Modeling in the Lower Atmosphere Using Lidar and In-Situ Measurements
* Implementation of a Mineral Dust Wet Deposition Scheme in the GOCART-AFWA Module of the WRF Model, The
* Implementation of a Nowcasting Hydrometeorological System for Studying Flash Flood Events: The Case of Mandra, Greece
* Multi-Platform Hydrometeorological Analysis of the Flash Flood Event of 15 November 2017 in Attica, Greece, A

Spyrou, E.[Evaggelos] Co Author Listing * Intermediate Expressions Generator System in the MPEG-4 Framework, An
* Ontology Infrastructure for Multimedia Reasoning, An
* Using region semantics and visual context for scene classification
* Using Visual Context and Region Semantics for High-Level Concept Detection
* Weakly-Supervised Lesion Detection in Video Capsule Endoscopy Based on a Bag-of-Colour Features Model
Includes: Spyrou, E.[Evaggelos] Spyrou, E.[Evangelos]

Spyrou, G.M.[George M.] Co Author Listing * Content driven clustering algorithm combining density and distance functions

Spyrou, N.I.[Nafsika I.] Co Author Listing * Unmanned Aerial Systems-Aided Post-Flood Peak Discharge Estimation in Ephemeral Streams

Spyrou, N.M. Co Author Listing * Three-gamma annihilation imaging in positron emission tomography

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