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Soheili Majd, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Classification of High-Resolution Polarimetric SAR Images in Urban Area
* Maximum Likelihood Classification of Single Highresolution Polarimetric SAR Images in Urban Areas

Soheili, M.R.[Mohammad Reza] Co Author Listing * Binarization-free OCR for historical documents using LSTM networks
* Blind Wavelet Based Logo Watermarking Resisting to Cropping
* Document Layout Analysis with an Enhanced Object Detector

Soheilian, B.[Bahman] Co Author Listing * 3D road marking reconstruction from street-level calibrated stereo pairs
* 3D zebra-crossing reconstruction from stereo rig images of a ground-based mobile mapping system
* Augmenting Vehicle Localization Accuracy with Cameras and 3D Road Infrastructure Database
* Circular Road Sign Extraction from Street Level Images using Colour, Shape and Texture Database Maps
* Detection and 3D reconstruction of traffic signs from multiple view color images
* Evaluation Of Sift And Surf For Vision Based Localization
* Extracting Outlined Planar Clusters of Street Facades from 3D Point Clouds
* Extracting wire-frame models of street fašades from 3D point clouds and the corresponding cadastral map
* Extraction of vertical posts in 3D laser point clouds acquired in dense urban areas by a Mobile Mapping System
* Landmark based localization in urban environment
* Road Sign Detection in Images: A Case Study
* Trees Detection From Laser Point Clouds Acquired In Dense Urban Areas By A Mobile Mapping System
* Uncertainty Propagation For Terrestrial Mobile Laser Scanner
Includes: Soheilian, B.[Bahman] Soheilian, B.
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Soheily Khah, S.[Saeid] Co Author Listing * Generalized k-means-based clustering for temporal data under weighted and kernel time warp
Includes: Soheily Khah, S.[Saeid] Soheily-Khah, S.[Saeid]

Sohel, F.[Ferdous] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Network With Multiple Classifiers for Open Set Domain Adaptation
* Audio-visual biometric recognition via joint sparse representations
* Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Network With Soft Labels in Imbalanced Acoustic Event Detection
* Bidirectional Mapping Coupled GAN for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Comprehensive Survey of Deep Learning for Image Captioning, A
* Coral classification with hybrid feature representations
* Cross domain 2D-3D descriptor matching for unconstrained 6-DOF pose estimation
* High-Performance Spectral-Spatial Residual Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification with Small Training Data, A
* Integrated generalized zero-shot learning for fine-grained classification
* Leveraging Auxiliary Tasks with Affinity Learning for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Leveraging Structural Context Models and Ranking Score Fusion for Human Interaction Prediction
* Multi-Task Learning for Acoustic Event Detection Using Event and Frame Position Information
* Outdoor scene labelling with learned features and region consistency activation
* Random forest classification based acoustic event detection utilizing contextual-information and bottleneck features
* SC-CAN: Spectral Convolution and Channel Attention Network for Wheat Stress Classification
* Separating objects and clutter in indoor scenes
Includes: Sohel, F.[Ferdous] Sohel, F.
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Sohel, F.A.[Ferdous A.] Co Author Listing * 3D free form object recognition using rotational projection statistics
* 3D Object Recognition in Cluttered Scenes with Local Surface Features: A Survey
* Accurate and Robust Range Image Registration Algorithm for 3D Object Modeling, An
* Accurate distortion measurement for generic shape coding
* Automatic Feature Learning for Robust Shadow Detection
* Automatic Shadow Detection and Removal from a Single Image
* Bezier curve-based generic shape encoder
* Binary Descriptor Based on Heat Diffusion for Non-rigid Shape Analysis
* Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of 3D Local Feature Descriptors, A
* confidence-based late fusion framework for audio-visual biometric identification, A
* Contractive Rectifier Networks for Nonlinear Maximum Margin Classification
* Deep Boltzmann Machines for i-Vector Based Audio-Visual Person Identification
* Discriminative Representation of Convolutional Features for Indoor Scene Recognition, A
* Dynamic Bezier curves for variable rate-distortion
* Efficient Image Set Classification Using Linear Regression Based Image Reconstruction
* EI3D: Expression-invariant 3D face recognition based on feature and shape matching
* Fast Distortion Measurement Using Chord-Length Parameterization Within the Vertex-Based Rate-Distortion Optimal Shape Coding Framework
* Geometric distortion measurement for shape coding: A contemporary review
* Geometry Driven Semantic Labeling of Indoor Scenes
* Global Regularizer and Temporal-Aware Cross-Entropy for Skeleton-Based Early Action Recognition
* Heat propagation contours for 3D non-rigid shape analysis
* Heterogeneous Multi-column ConvNets with a Fusion Framework for Object Recognition
* Human Interaction Prediction Using Deep Temporal Features
* Integrating Geometrical Context for Semantic Labeling of Indoor Scenes using RGBD Images
* Joint Deep Boltzmann Machine (jDBM) Model for Person Identification Using Mobile Phone Data, A
* Learning Clip Representations for Skeleton-Based 3D Action Recognition
* Learning Latent Global Network for Skeleton-Based Action Prediction
* low cost 3D markerless system for the reconstruction of athletic techniques, A
* Model-Free Segmentation and Grasp Selection of Unknown Stacked Objects
* Multi-Modal, Discriminative and Spatially Invariant CNN for RGB-D Object Labeling, A
* New Dynamic Enhancements to the Vertex-Based Rate-Distortion Optimal Shape Coding Framework
* New Representation of Skeleton Sequences for 3D Action Recognition, A
* Performance Evaluation of 3D Local Feature Descriptors
* Quantitative Error Analysis of Bilateral Filtering
* Quasi-Bezier curves integrating localised information
* ResFeats: Residual network based features for image classification
* ResFeats: Residual network based features for underwater image classification
* Rotational Projection Statistics for 3D Local Surface Description and Object Recognition
* Scale space clustering evolution for salient region detection on 3D deformable shapes
* SkeletonNet: Mining Deep Part Features for 3-D Action Recognition
* Sliding-Window Designs for Vertex-Based Shape Coding
* Variable Width Admissible Control Point Band for Vertex Based Operational-Rate-Distortion Optimal Shape Coding Algorithms
Includes: Sohel, F.A.[Ferdous A.] Sohel, F.A.
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Soher, B.J. Co Author Listing * Bayesian k-Space-Time Reconstruction of MR Spectroscopic Imaging for Enhanced Resolution

Sohet, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Coupled Charging-and-Driving Incentives Design for Electric Vehicles in Urban Networks

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