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Sita, G. Co Author Listing * Machine recognition of online handwritten Devanagari characters
* Prototype learning methods for online handwriting recognition

Sita, K.K.[Kumari K.] Co Author Listing * Statistical estimation of emotions in speech notes by featured term analogy

Sitanggang, I.S.[Imas S.] Co Author Listing * Forest and Land Fires Are Mainly Associated with Deforestation in Riau Province, Indonesia

Sitar, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Altm ORION establishes a new standard in LiDAR data quality, accuracy and precision
* Impact of an Optimized Position and Orientation System on the Final Accuracy of LIDAR Data
* Performance Characterization of an Airborne LIDAR System: Bridging System Specifications and Expected Performance
Includes: Sitar, M.[Michael] Sitar, M.

Sitaram, D.[Dinkar] Co Author Listing * Combining heterogeneous classifiers for relational databases
* Practical Heterogeneous Classifier for Relational Databases, A

Sitaram, R.[Ramachandrula] Co Author Listing * Handwritten Text Separation from Annotated Machine Printed Documents Using Markov Random Fields
* Markov random field based binarization for hand-held devices captured document images
* Markov Random Field Based Text Identification from Annotated Machine Printed Documents
* Text Separation from Mixed Documents Using a Tree-Structured Classifier

Sitaraman, R. Co Author Listing * Placing Observers to Cover a Polyhedral Terrain in Polynomial Time
* Probabilistic Analysis of Two Stage Matching
* Scalable 360 Video Stream Delivery: Challenges, Solutions, and Opportunities
* system to place observers on a polyhedral terrain in polynomial time, A
* Using Probabilistic Domain Knowledge to Reduce the Expected Computational Cost of Matching
Includes: Sitaraman, R. Sitaraman, R.[Ramesh]

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