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Selea, T.[Teodora] Co Author Listing * AgriSen-COG, a Multicountry, Multitemporal Large-Scale Sentinel-2 Benchmark Dataset for Crop Mapping Using Deep Learning

Selesnick, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Bregman Plug-And-Play Priors
* Image fusion via sparse regularization with non-convex penalties
* Mitigation of Wind Turbine Clutter for Weather Radar by Signal Separation
* Non-convex Total Variation Regularization for Convex Denoising of Signals
* Positive Sparse Signal Denoising: What Does a CNN Learn?
* Reconstruction of Connected Digital Lines Based on Constrained Regularization
* Sparse Domain Gaussianization for Multi-Variate Statistical Modeling of Retinal OCT Images
* Sparsity-Inducing Nonconvex Nonseparable Regularization for Convex Image Processing
* Three Dimensional Data-Driven Multi Scale Atomic Representation of Optical Coherence Tomography
Includes: Selesnick, I.[Ivan] Selesnick, I.
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Selesnick, I.W. Co Author Listing * Artifact-Free Wavelet Denoising: Non-convex Sparse Regularization, Convex Optimization
* Bivariate Shrinkage Functions for Wavelet-Based Denoising Exploiting Interscale Dependency
* Convex 1-D Total Variation Denoising with Non-convex Regularization
* Convex Denoising using Non-Convex Tight Frame Regularization
* Efficient and Robust Image Restoration Using Multiple-Feature L2-Relaxed Sparse Analysis Priors
* Enhanced Low-Rank Matrix Approximation
* Generalized Total Variation: Tying the Knots
* Hilbert transform pairs of wavelet bases
* investigation of 3D dual-tree wavelet transform for video coding, An
* Laplace Random Vectors, Gaussian Noise, and the Generalized Incomplete Gamma Function
* Multivariate Quasi-Laplacian Mixture Models For Wavelet-Based Image Denoising
* new complex-directional wavelet transform and its application to image denoising, A
* Pixel recovery via el minimization in the wavelet domain
* Subband adaptive image denoising via bivariate shrinkage
* Total Variation Denoising Via the Moreau Envelope
* Video Coding Using 3D Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform
* Wavelet based speckle reduction with application to SAR based ATD/R
* Wavelet-Domain Soft-Thresholding for Non-Stationary Noise
Includes: Selesnick, I.W. Selesnick, I.W.[Ivan W.]
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Selesnick, S.A. Co Author Listing * Local invariants and twist vectors in computer-aided geometric design

Selewa, A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach for Automatic Joint Parameter Estimation in 3D Image Reconstruction from Multi-Focus Microscope

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