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Segvic, I.K.S.[I.K. Sinisa] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Scale Invariance for Semantic Segmentation
* Ladder-Style DenseNets for Semantic Segmentation of Large Natural Images
* Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation by Redistributing Region Scores Back to the Pixels
Includes: Segvic, I.K.S.[I.K. Sinisa] Šegvic, I.K.S.[I.K. Siniša]

Segvic, S.[Sinisa] Co Author Listing * Enhancing the Point Feature Tracker by Adaptive Modelling of the Feature Support
* Experimental Evaluation of Autonomous Driving Based on Visual Memory and Image-Based Visual Servoing
* Exploiting temporal and spatial constraints in traffic sign detection from a moving vehicle
* Fast and globally convergent Structure and Motion estimation for General Camera Models
* Fast Approximate GMM Soft-Assign for Fine-Grained Image Classification with Large Fisher Vectors
* Framework for Scalable Vision-Only Navigation, A
* Generative modeling of spatio-temporal traffic sign trajectories
* Histogram-Based Description of Local Space-Time Appearance
* In Defense of Pre-Trained ImageNet Architectures for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation of Road-Driving Images
* Influence of numerical conditioning on the accuracy of relative orientation
* Large scale vision-based navigation without an accurate global reconstruction
* mapping and localization framework for scalable appearance-based navigation, A
* Online/Realtime Structure and Motion for General Camera Models
* Patch-Level Spatial Layout for Classification and Weakly Supervised Localization
* Simultaneous Semantic Segmentation and Outlier Detection in Presence of Domain Shift
* Single Level Feature-to-Feature Forecasting with Deformable Convolutions
* Software Architecture for Distributed Visual Tracking in a Global Vision Localization System, A
* Sparse weakly supervised models for object localization in road environment
* Towards Space-Time Semantics in Two Frames
* Traffic Scene Classification on a Representation Budget
Includes: Segvic, S.[Sinisa] Šegvic, S.[Siniša] Segvic, S. Šegvic, S.
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