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Ruff, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D Facial Landmarking Algorithm Using 2D Gabor Wavelets, An
* Three Dimensional Tissue Classifications in MR Brain Images
* Visualisation of Multimodal Images for Neurosurgical Planning and Guidance
Includes: Ruff, C. Ruff, C.[Cliff]

Ruff, C.R. Co Author Listing * Volume estimation from sparse planar images using deformable models

Ruff, H.[Heath] Co Author Listing * Visualizations for Communicating Intelligent Agent Generated Courses of Action

Ruff, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Unifying Review of Deep and Shallow Anomaly Detection, A

Ruff, W. Co Author Listing * 3D Image Reconstruction and Range-Doppler Tracking with Chirped AM Ladar Data

Ruffaldi, E.[Emanuele] Co Author Listing * dynamically reconfigurable stereoscopic/panoramic vision mobile robot head controlled from a virtual environment, A
* Effects of Augmented Reality on the Performance of Teleoperated Industrial Assembly Tasks in a Robotic Embodiment
* Encountered haptic Augmented Reality interface for remote examination
* Fast deep neural networks for image processing using posits and ARM scalable vector extension
* Immersive ROS-integrated framework for robot teleoperation
* Novel Arithmetics in Deep Neural Networks Signal Processing for Autonomous Driving: Challenges and Opportunities
* Real-Time Embedded Vision System for the Watchfulness Analysis of Train Drivers
* Self-organizing trajectories
Includes: Ruffaldi, E.[Emanuele] Ruffaldi, E.
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Ruffault, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Can We Go Beyond Burned Area in the Assessment of Global Remote Sensing Products with Fire Patch Metrics?

Ruffell, A.[Alastair] Co Author Listing * Bridge Foundation River Scour and Infill Characterisation Using Water-Penetrating Radar

Ruffer, J. Co Author Listing * Mems Based Bridge Monitoring Supported By Image-assisted Total Station
Includes: Ruffer, J. Rüffer, J. (Maybe also Rueffer, J.)

Ruffer, P. Co Author Listing * Mars Pathfinder image compression compared to a wavelet-coder for future space explorations

Ruffier, F.[Franck] Co Author Listing * Shape-Adjusted Tridimensional Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage Artifacts Using a Miniature Quadrotor, A

Ruffier, M. Co Author Listing * Control of composite material strucrure by fractal methods

Ruffieux, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Gesture recognition corpora and tools: A scripted ground truthing method

Ruffini, G. Co Author Listing * Bistatic Radar Measurements of Significant Wave Height Using Signals of Opportunity in L-, S-, and Ku-Bands
* Global Navigation Satellite Systems Reflectometry as a Remote Sensing Tool for Agriculture
* Ionospheric tomography using GNSS reflections
* Prediction of Minimally Conscious State Responder Patients to Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Using Machine Learning Algorithms
* SAR Altimeter Backscattered Waveform Model
Includes: Ruffini, G. Ruffini, G.[Giulio]

Ruffini, L. Co Author Listing * Ionospheric tomography using GNSS reflections

Ruffini, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Uncalibrated View Synthesis with Homography Interpolation

Ruffino, A. Co Author Listing * Purdue University Team Tackles Global Underwater-Vehicle Competition

Ruffino, C.[Cyprien] Co Author Listing * new multimodal RGB and polarimetric image dataset for road scenes analysis, A
* Physically-admissible polarimetric data augmentation for road-scene analysis

Ruffino, P.A. Co Author Listing * From The Elaboration Process of Point Cloud to Information Systems Both For Planning and Design Management of Cultural Heritage

Ruffle, S.J.[Simon J.] Co Author Listing * Combining Single View Recognition and Multiple View Stereo for Architectural Scenes

Ruffo, G.[Giancarlo] Co Author Listing * EnFilter: A Password Enforcement and Filter Tool Based on Pattern Recognition Techniques

Ruffolo, M. Co Author Listing * Detecting Topic Authoritative Social Media Users: A Multilayer Network Approach
* PDF-TREX: An Approach for Recognizing and Extracting Tables from PDF Documents
Includes: Ruffolo, M. Ruffolo, M.[Massimo]

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