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Ram Kiran, M.S. Co Author Listing * Transformer models for enhancing AttnGAN based text to image generation

Ram, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Semi-automated generation of a multi-temporal forest depletion layer with the Landcover Change Mapper (LCM)

Ram, A.R.[A. Ranjith] Co Author Listing * Video Analysis and Repackaging for Distance Education

Ram, G. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Images Specified by Graphlike Descriptions
* Cooperating Array Grammar Systems
* On the Encoding and Representing of Images
Includes: Ram, G. Ram, G.[Giora]

Ram, I. Co Author Listing * Facial Image Compression using Patch-Ordering-Based Adaptive Wavelet Transform
* Image Processing Using Smooth Ordering of its Patches
* Patch-Ordering-Based Wavelet Frame and Its Use in Inverse Problems
* Redundant Wavelets on Graphs and High Dimensional Data Clouds

Ram, K.[Keerthi] Co Author Listing * HyperCoil-Recon: A Hypernetwork-based Adaptive Coil Configuration Task Switching Network for MRI Reconstruction
* Mathematical Assessment of the Effects of Substituting the Band Radiative Transfer Equation (RTE) for the Spectral RTE in the Applications of Earth's Surface Temperature Retrievals from Spaceborne Infrared Imageries
* Style Transfer based Coronary Artery Segmentation in X-ray Angiogram
Includes: Ram, K.[Keerthi] Ram, K.[Kirpa]

Ram, K.S.[K. Sai] Co Author Listing * Fitness Based Layer Rank Selection Algorithm for Accelerating CNNs by Candecomp/Parafac (CP) Decompositions

Ram, M.S.S.[M Satya Sai] Co Author Listing * Deep learning based Alzheimer's disease early diagnosis using T2w segmented gray matter MRI
* Enhanced Deep Neural Network-Based Approach for Speaker Recognition Using Triumvirate Euphemism Strategy, An
* Gray Matter Segmentation of Brain MRI Using Hybrid Enhanced Independent Component Analysis
Includes: Ram, M.S.S.[M Satya Sai] Ram, M.S.S.[Manchikalapudi Satya Sai] Ram, M.S.S.[M. Satya Sai]

Ram, M.V.S.S.[Metta Venkata Satya Sai] Co Author Listing * Classification of neovascularization on retinal images using extreme learning machine

Ram, R.[Ranjith] Co Author Listing * Optimal shot detection and recognition using Shiryaev-Roberts statistics
* Use of radial basis function network with discrete wavelet transform for speech enhancement
Includes: Ram, R.[Ranjith] Ram, R.[Rashmirekha]

Ram, S.[Surinder] Co Author Listing * Active Fingerprint Ridge Orientation Models
* Classification of Primary Cilia in Microscopy Images Using Convolutional Neural Random Forests
* Combined Detection and Segmentation of Cell Nuclei in Microscopy Images Using Deep Learning
* comparison of tracking algorithm performance for objects in wide area imagery, A
* Curvature preserving fingerprint ridge orientation smoothing using Legendre polynomials
* design methodology for selection and placement of sensors in multimedia surveillance systems, A
* Drive-Net: Convolutional Network for Driver Distraction Detection
* Ground-Truth Fusion Method for Image Segmentation Evaluation, A
* Image Denoising Using Superpixel-Based PCA
* Image Inpainting Using Nonlocal Texture Matching and Nonlinear Filtering
* Image super-resolution using graph regularized block sparse representation
* Low-light imaging method provides highly accurate molecule localization
* Modelling fingerprint ridge orientation using Legendre polynomials
* Perceptually aware image inpainting
* performance comparison of automatic detection schemes in wide-area aerial imagery, A
* post-processing scheme for the performance improvement of vehicle detection in wide-area aerial imagery, A
* Quantitative Aspects of Single-Molecule Microscopy: Information-theoretic analysis of single-molecule data
* Segmentation and classification of 3-D spots in FISH images
* Selecting Post-Processing Schemes for Accurate Detection of Small Objects in Low-Resolution Wide-Area Aerial Imagery
* Simulation and Analysis of Human Micro-Dopplers in Through-Wall Environments
* Single image super-resolution using dictionary-based local regression
* Size-invariant cell nucleus segmentation in 3-D microscopy
* Size-Invariant Detection of Cell Nuclei in Microscopy Images
* Superpixels using morphology for rock image segmentation
Includes: Ram, S.[Surinder] Ram, S. Ram, S.[Siva] Ram, S.[Sundaresh] Ram, S.[Sripad]
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Ram, S.S. Co Author Listing * Mitigation of Through-Wall Distortions of Frontal Radar Images Using Denoising Autoencoders
* Persian Writer Identification Method Based on Gradient Features and Neural Networks, A

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