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Rabe Hesketh, S. Co Author Listing * Global, voxel, and cluster tests, by theory and permutation, for a difference between two groups of structural MR images of the brain
Includes: Rabe Hesketh, S. Rabe-Hesketh, S.

Rabe, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Advanced Regression Algorithms for Quantifying Urban Land Cover, A
* EnMAP Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy Mission for Earth Observation, The
* EnMAP-Box: A Toolbox and Application Programming Interface for EnMAP Data Processing, The
* Landsat-based Woody Vegetation Cover Monitoring In Southern African Savannahs
* Mapping Cropping Practices on a National Scale Using Intra-Annual Landsat Time Series Binning
* Optimisation of Savannah Land Cover Characterisation with Optical and SAR Data
* Sensitivity of Support Vector Machines to Random Feature Selection in Classification of Hyperspectral Data
Includes: Rabe, A.[Andreas] Rabe, A.
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Rabe, C.[Clemens] Co Author Listing * 6D Vision Goes Fisheye for Intersection Assistance
* 6D-Vision: Fusion of Stereo and Motion for Robust Environment Perception
* Active Pedestrian Safety by Automatic Braking and Evasive Steering
* B-Spline Modeling of Road Surfaces With an Application to Free-Space Estimation
* Dense, Robust, and Accurate Motion Field Estimation from Stereo Image Sequences in Real-Time
* Detection and Segmentation of Independently Moving Objects from Dense Scene Flow
* Differences between stereo and motion behaviour on synthetic and real-world stereo sequences
* Efficient Dense Scene Flow from Sparse or Dense Stereo Data
* Evaluation of moving object segmentation comparing 6D-vision and monocular motion constraints
* Feature- and depth-supported modified total variation optical flow for 3D motion field estimation in real scenes
* Illumination-Robust Dense Optical Flow Using Census Signatures
* Making Bertha See
* Moving Object Segmentation Using Optical Flow and Depth Information
* Real-time Semi-Global Matching on the CPU
* Stereoscopic Scene Flow Computation for 3D Motion Understanding
* Towards Optimal Stereo Analysis of Image Sequences
Includes: Rabe, C.[Clemens] Rabe, C.
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Rabe, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Towards Domain-Specific Explainable AI: Model Interpretation of a Skin Image Classifier using a Human Approach

Rabe, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Development Methodologies for Safety Critical Machine Learning Applications in the Automotive Domain: A Survey

Rabe, N.[Nicole] Co Author Listing * Clustering Tools for Integration of Satellite Remote Sensing Imagery and Proximal Soil Sensing Data

Rabee, A.[Ayman] Co Author Listing * License plate detection and recognition in complex scenes using mathematical morphology and support vector machines

Rabeh, A.B. Co Author Listing * Diagnosis of Alzheimer Diseases in Early Step Using SVM (Support Vector Machine)
* Segmentation of brain MRI using active contour model
Includes: Rabeh, A.B. Rabeh, A.B.[Amira Ben]

Rabel, M. Co Author Listing * Communication architecture for sensorfusion systems

Rabelo, J.C.B. Co Author Listing * Heuristic Binarization Algorithm for Documents with Complex Background, A

Rabelo, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Detecting pulmonary diseases using deep features in X-ray images
Includes: Rabelo, R.[Ricardo] RabÍlo, R.[Ricardo]

Rabelo, R.A.L.[Ricardo A.L.] Co Author Listing * Classification of risk areas using a bootstrap-aggregated ensemble approach for reducing Zika virus infection in pregnant women
Includes: Rabelo, R.A.L.[Ricardo A.L.] RabÍlo, R.A.L.[Ricardo A.L.]

Rabenarivo, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Laboratory Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy with Genetic Algorithm-Based Partial Least Squares Regression for Assessing the Soil Phosphorus Content of Upland and Lowland Rice Fields in Madagascar
* Using a One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network on Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Improve Soil Phosphorus Prediction in Madagascar
* Vis-NIR Spectroscopy and PLS Regression with Waveband Selection for Estimating the Total C and N of Paddy Soils in Madagascar

Rabens, M.[Marty] Co Author Listing * Automotive Spray Paint Simulation

Rabenstein, R. Co Author Listing * Joint Audio-video Object Tracking
* Multi-Sensor Object Localization System, A

Raber, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Lidar-derived Elevation and Terrain Slope in Leaf-off Conditions, An

Raber, G.T.[George T.] Co Author Listing * Creation of Digital Terrain Models Using an Adaptive Lidar Vegetation Point Removal Process
* Impact of Lidar Nominal Post-spacing on DEM Accuracy and Flood Zone Delineation
* Regional High-Resolution Benthic Habitat Data from Planet Dove Imagery for Conservation Decision-Making and Marine Planning

Raberanto, P. Co Author Listing * Homogenization of Geostationary Infrared Imager Channels for Cold Cloud Studies Using Megha-Tropiques/ScaRaB

Rabeux, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Document Recto-verso Registration Using a Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm
* Quality Evaluation of Ancient Digitized Documents for Binarization Prediction
* Quality evaluation of degraded document images for binarization result prediction
Includes: Rabeux, V.[Vincent] Rabeux, V.

Rabey, G. Co Author Listing * Laser-Video Scanner Calibration without the Use of Frame Store

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