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Pasha, M.A.[Muhammad Adeel] Co Author Listing * Indoor Positioning Using Visible LED Lights: A Survey

Pasha, S.[Saleem] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction of handwritten Kannada characters using curvelets and principal component analysis

Pashaei, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Effect of Scar Development on Fast Electrophysiological Models of the Human Heart: In-Silico Study on Atlas-Based Virtual Populations
* Sensitivity Analysis of Mesh Warping and Subsampling Strategies for Generating Large Scale Electrophysiological Simulation Data
* Statistical Personalization of Ventricular Fiber Orientation Using Shape Predictors
Includes: Pashaei, A.[Ali] Pashaei, A.

Pashaei, M. Co Author Listing * Implementation of a Low Cost Structured Light Scanner

Pashami, S. Co Author Listing * Learning Low-Dimensional Representation of Bivariate Histogram Data

Pasher, J.[Jon] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Potential to Operationalize Shoreline Sensitivity Mapping: Classifying Multiple Wide Fine Quadrature Polarized RADARSAT-2 and Landsat 5 Scenes with a Single Random Forest Model
* Assessment of Convolution Neural Networks for Wetland Mapping with Landsat in the Central Canadian Boreal Forest Region
* Contributions of Actual and Simulated Satellite SAR Data for Substrate Type Differentiation and Shoreline Mapping in the Canadian Arctic
* Landsat Super-Resolution Enhancement Using Convolution Neural Networks and Sentinel-2 for Training
* Moving to the RADARSAT Constellation Mission: Comparing Synthesized Compact Polarimetry and Dual Polarimetry Data with Fully Polarimetric RADARSAT-2 Data for Image Classification of Peatlands
* Semi-Automated Surface Water Detection with Synthetic Aperture Radar Data: A Wetland Case Study
* Wetland Classification with Multi-Angle/Temporal SAR Using Random Forests
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Pashevich, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Plane-extraction from depth-data using a Gaussian mixture regression model

Pashkevich, G.A. Co Author Listing * Optical schemes for speckle suppression by Barker code diffractive optical elements

Pashley, H. Co Author Listing * Motion Texture

Pashova, L. Co Author Listing * Conceptual Framework for Educational Disaster Centre Save the Children Life

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