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Paik, D.S. Co Author Listing * Edge displacement field-based classification for improved detection of polyps in CT colonography
* Polyp Enhancing Level Set Evolution of Colon Wall: Method and Pilot Study
* statistical 3-D pattern processing method for computer-aided detection of polyps in CT colonography, A
* Surface Normal Overlap: A Computer-Aided Detection Algorithm with Application to Colonic Polyps and Lung Nodules in Helical CT

Paik, D.T. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical pose classification based on human physiology for behaviour analysis

Paik, J. Co Author Listing * 3-D object representation from multi-view range data applying deformable superquadrics
* Adaptive Camouflage Pattern Generation to Different Environments Via Content-Aware Style Transfer
* Analysis Of Debris Flow Behavior Using Airborne Lidar And Image Data
* Camera Orientation Estimation Using Motion-Based Vanishing Point Detection for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems
* Coarse to Fine: Progressive and Multi-Task Learning for Salient Object Detection
* Combined shape and feature-based video analysis and its application to non-rigid object tracking
* Continuous digital zooming using local self-similarity-based super-resolution for an asymmetric dual camera system
* Contrast-dependent saturation adjustment for outdoor image enhancement
* Disparity-selective stereo matching using correlation confidence measure
* Distance Estimation with a Two or Three Aperture SLR Digital Camera
* Dynamic Range Transformer (DRT): Learning Enhanced Log-Perceptual Information with Swin-Fourier Convolution Network for HDR Imaging
* Edge-aware image filtering using a structure-guided CNN
* Example-based super-resolution using self-patches and approximated constrained least squares filter
* Extraction and Restoration of Digits Touching or Overlapping Lines
* Frequency-domain analysis of discrete wavelet transform coefficients and their adaptive shrinkage for anti-aliasing
* Geometrical transformation-based ghost artifacts removing for high dynamic range image
* Handwritten Digit Verifier for Improving Recognition Error
* Hierarchical pose classification based on human physiology for behaviour analysis
* Illuminant-invariant stereo matching using cost volume and confidence-based disparity refinement
* Non-dyadic fisheye lens correction model for image enhancement
* Point Cloud Completion By Minimizing Prediction Errors In Both 2D And 3D Spaces
* Radiance-Reflectance Combined Optimization and Structure-Guided L_0-Norm for Single Image Dehazing
* Real-time super-resolution for digital zooming using finite kernel-based edge orientation estimation and truncated image restoration
* Region-Based Dehazing via Dual-Supervised Triple-Convolutional Network
* Restoration of Wavelet-compressed Images Using Adaptively Masking Smoothness Constraints
* Robust Visual Tracking Using Structure-Preserving Sparse Learning
* simple and efficient algorithm for part decomposition of 3-D triangulated models based on curvature analysis, A
* Single image super-resolution using locally adaptive multiple linear regression
* Three-dimensional simulation method of fish-eye lens distortion for a vehicle backup rear-view camera
* Uniform depth region-based registration between colour channels and its application to single camera-based multifocusing
* Variational framework for low-light image enhancement using optimal transmission map and combined and -minimization
Includes: Paik, J. Paik, J.[Joonki]
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Paik, J.H.[Jong Hyun] Co Author Listing * Multiple Recognizers System Using Two Stage Combinations
* Self-supervised Dehazing Network Using Physical Priors
Includes: Paik, J.H.[Jong Hyun] Paik, J.H.[Jong-Hyun] Paik, J.H.[Jee Hyun]

Paik, J.K. Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of indoor and outdoor scenes using a mobile range scanner
* Adaptive Background Generation for Video Object Segmentation
* Automatic face region tracking for highly accurate face recognition in unconstrained environments
* Binary Edge Based Adaptive Motion Correction for Accurate and Robust Digital Image Stabilization
* Blur Identification and Image Restoration Based on Evolutionary Multiple Object Segmentation for Digital Auto-focusing
* Color active shape models for tracking non-rigid objects
* Computational filter-aperture approach for single-view multi-focusing
* Digital zooming system utilizing image buffers and employing an approximated bilinear interpolation method
* Edge Detection Algorithm Using Multi-State Adalines, An
* Face Recognition Using Optimized 3D Information from Stereo Images
* Fast Adaptive Image-Restoration Filter for Reducing Block Artifact in Compressed Images, A
* Fast partial distortion elimination based on a maximum error constraint for motion estimation
* Fast Superresolution for Image Sequences Using Motion Adaptive Relaxation Parameters
* Gait recognition using active shape model and motion prediction
* Gait Recognition Using Active Shape Models
* Hierarchical active shape model with motion prediction for real-time tracking of non-rigid objects
* Hierarchical approach to enhanced active shape model for color video tracking
* Hierarchical Blur Identification from Severely Out-of-Focus Images
* High-Fidelity RGB Video Coding Using Adaptive Inter-Plane Weighted Prediction
* Image restoration using a modified Hopfield network
* Improved Face Recognition Using Extended Modular Principal Component Analysis
* Isotropic Blur Identification for Fully Digital Auto-focusing
* Model-Based Gait Recognition Using Multiple Feature Detection
* Modified Regularized Image Restoration for Postprocessing Inter-Frame Coded Images
* Motion-Based Hierarchical Active Contour Model for Deformable Object Tracking
* Multi-Modal Human Verification Using Face and Speech
* Multifocusing and Depth Estimation Using a Color Shift Model-Based Computational Camera
* Normal Vector Voting: Crease Detection and Curvature Estimation on Large, Noisy Meshes
* Optical flow-based real-time object tracking using non-prior training active feature model
* Pattern Selective Image Fusion for Multi-focus Image Reconstruction
* Point fingerprint: A new 3-D object representation scheme
* Real-time iterative framework of regularized image restoration and its application to video enhancement
* Recent advances in visual and infrared face recognition: A review
* Regularized adaptive super-resolution using kernel estimation-based edge reconnection and kernel orientation constraints
* Regularized iterative image sequence interpolation with spatially adaptive constraints
* Regularized Restoration Using Image Fusion for Digital Auto-Focusing
* Restoration of differential images for enhancement of compressed video
* Robust Crease Detection and Curvature Estimation of Piecewise Smooth Surfaces from Triangle Mesh Approximations Using Normal Voting
* Robust Watermarking Algorithm Using Attack Pattern Analysis, A
* Segmentation-Based Iamge Restoration for Multiple Moving Objects with Different Motions
* Segmentation-based Spatially Adaptive Motion Blur Removal and Its Application to Surveillance Systems
* Simultaneous mesh simplification and noise smoothing of range images
* Simultaneous Out-of-Focus Blur Estimation and Restoration for Digital Auto-Focusing System
* Statistical region selection for robust image stabilization using feature-histogram
* Surface Smoothing for Enhancement of 3D Data Using Curvature-Based Adaptive Regularization
* Triangle mesh-based edge detection and its application to surface segmentation and adaptive surface smoothing
* Triangle mesh-based surface modeling using adaptive smoothing and implicit surface texture integration
* Video Stabilization Using Kalman Filter and Phase Correlation Matching
Includes: Paik, J.K. Paik, J.K.[Joon-Ki] Paik, J.K.[Joon K.] Paik, J.K.[Joon Ki]
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Paik, J.W.[Ji Woong] Co Author Listing * Direction-of-Departure and Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Algorithm Based on Compressive Sensing: Data Fitting

Paik, K.S.[Kyong Seok] Co Author Listing * On a Lip Print Recognition by the Pattern Kernels with Multi-resolution Architecture

Paik, M.C.[Myunghee Cho] Co Author Listing * Conditional Wasserstein Generator
* Valid oversampling schemes to handle imbalance

Paik, W.[Woojin] Co Author Listing * Fast and Simple 2D Shape Retrieval Using Discrete Shock Graph

Paikin, G.[Genady] Co Author Listing * EFI-Net: Video Frame Interpolation from Fusion of Events and Frames
* Solving multiple square jigsaw puzzles with missing pieces

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